Saturday, July 31, 2021
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On Lexington

The Final Conclusion

Stillness Visited

Rhyme and Reason

The citi never sleeps


Weapons of Mass Migration

Language Wars

“Going Home”

Ra Was Right

Open and Empty

Total Eclipse

Proliferation of Peace

All At Sea

Dismantling Tent City

Plantations Were Prisons

A dime a dozen

Alchemize The Fundamental

The Trombone of Gabriel

Clock Bones

Divided by Design

The Lynching of Ted Smith

Threat to free speech

You In Humanity

Refugee Conundrums

Feminism Co-opted

Virtue After the Fall

Boycott This Poem!

quiet dissent

I Asked A Question

The Children’s Table

A Stray’s Life


Having not read Chaucer

You Are Freedom, So Am I

Taming North Ken

Everything’s Important

Liberation or Protectionism

Wake Up

Weeping to Sow

Brief Analogies

Would smell as sweet

Jeremy Corbyn’s Surge

Song of the Sioux

Puritan Left

Asian crescent

Me and My Shadow-Drone

Beyond Liberal Pieties