Sunday, April 26, 2015


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Adding powerful plugins can transform your blog into an Army knife - you can just drag out whatever function you need and it will...

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The current era of the Information Age has transformed the way we approach publishing on the World Wide Web. We have adapted to the...

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by Hannah Gibson
WordPress is becoming an increasingly popular platform for company websites as well as blogs. The good news is that there are many plugins for WordPress that make life a bit easier for SEO...

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by Abdul Karim
This one comes straight out of chapter "obvious", but as exploits and vulnerabilities are discovered, Wordpress is fast to implement changes to patch them up. Having an out of date Wordpress running on your blog means that you're one of the remaining sites that are still open to the exploit.

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WordPress is a widely used Content Management System (CMS), usually used as a blog publishing platform. However, since WordPress is so powerful yet versatile,...

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by Peter Darko
My plan here is to give you a few great tips you can immediately use to make your blog better. You can speed up your blog instantly with just adding 1 plugin.

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Guest Post by Gunter Jameson from Classes and Careers
In today’s economy, more and more people who have been downsized or who have not been able to find steady work in their industry have turned to building their own business

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Guest Post by Simon Jones from On Page SEO Audit | There are huge benefits to using WordPress not only as a blogging platform,...

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Guest post by Andrew Lewis from 1-2-Free ISP | In the light of Google’s recent announcement that speed is now officially a ranking factor...

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Guest Post by David Smith of Conversion Optimization Are you getting annoyed of content thieves who steal your content as soon as it gets...

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Creating an SEO-friendly Wordpress site is a lot easier than it used to be when I first started using it as the main RINF...