Using WordPress to Build Your Own Business Website

Guest Post by Gunter Jameson from Classes and Careers |

In today’s economy, more and more people who have been downsized or who have not been able to find steady work in their industry have turned to building their own business and using their vast knowledge and expertise to earn money for themselves. But now that they are out in the world, they need a way for current and potential customers and clients to learn about and interact with them through a website.

Web design companies can build some really great sites, but if you don’t have the thousands of dollars it takes to pay for their services, you might find yourself frustrated. However, today’s DIY society, it doesn’t take an experienced web designer to create a simple, cheap website. One of the cheapest and easiest ways to create your own website is by using WordPress.

Not just blogging
Although WordPress is a blogging platform, their blogs are very easy to customize and use just like any other website. With the added bonus of an easy-to-use interface to update your site whenever you want. And–better yet–you can build a great Worpress website for under $50.

WordPress-hosting vs. self-hosting
If you want to, you can create a WordPress account in about 5 minutes. And have WordPress host your site for you for free. Of course, that’s a great price, but it doesn’t allow you the flexibility that comes with a self-hosted WordPress site. When you self-host your WordPress site, that simply means that you download the WordPress platform for free then upload it to your own server, or are using a hosting service like Although hosting may cost anywhere from $5-$10 a month, it offers you the ability to use a bigger variety of website templates and plugins that are key to getting more traffic to your site. In addition, hosting with WordPress will give you a URL like, whereas self-hosting gives you the ability to buy your own domain name (under $20 from, like, and appear much more professional to clients.

Building your site
Once you’ve downloaded the free WordPress platform and uploaded it to your web hosting service (you can find tons of free tutorials on the internet about how to do this), you just need to search for WordPress themes (or templates) that best fit your website. There are literally thousands of free WordPress themes floating around the internet, so it’s just a matter of searching around for the one that will fit your website best, downloading it, and then uploading it to your hosting service (again, there are tons of free tutorials that will teach you how to do this).

Wrapping it up
Once you’ve got your theme uploaded, it’s just a matter of adding the content for your site through WordPress’ super-easy, back-end interface then passing out the new URL to all your clients. Building a WordPress site for your business is quick, easy, and will cost you very little money. It’s the best solution for any small business that wants to create its own website on a tight budget.

Gunter Jameson writes about several topics including travel, minimalism and online schools.