A Hillary Win Will Be Google’s Win of Everything


Eric Zuesse

On November 7th, a Morning Consult and Politico poll of early voters showed Donald Trump to be overwhelmingly viewed by early voters as being the more dangerous of the two major-Party candidates. The mega-corporation Alphabet, formerly known as Google, deserves a lot of the credit for that result, on candidate Hillary Clinton’s behalf — against, first, Bernie Sanders, and, now, Mr. Trump.

Eric Schmidt, the billionaire Chairman and top executive of Alphabet Corporation, has been behind the scenes working for her campaign all along, and will be beyond being the most powerful person in the world (which he already was) if she wins.

On 1 February 2016, FORTUNE bannered, “Google’s Parent Seizes Apple’s Crown As Most Valuable U.S. Company”, and that understated the reality: it’s been actually the entire world’s most valuable company ever since that time (and not merely the “Most Valuable U.S. Company”).

Schmidt detailed in the recently wikileaked 2014 email to Hillary’s campaign, the means for winning both the nomination and the ultimate victory. It was an email to Hillary Clinton’s aide Cheryl Mills, dated 15 April 2014, and was promptly forwarded by her to John Podesta, Hillary’s campaign manager.

Here is just the opening of it, to indicate the types of matters it addressed:

1. Size, Structure and Timing Lets assume a total budget of about $1.5Billion, with more than 5000 paid employees and million(s) of volunteers. The entire startup ceases operation four days after November 8, 2016. The structure includes a Chairman or Chairwoman who is the external face of the campaign and a President who is the executive in charge of objectives, measurements, systems and building and managing the organization. Every day matters as our end date does not change. An official campaign right after midterm elections and a preparatory team assembled now is best. 

2. Location The campaign headquarters will have about a thousand people, mostly young and hardworking and enthusiastic. Its important to have a very large hiring pool (such as Chicago or NYC) from which to choose enthusiastic, smart and low paid permanent employees. DC is a poor choice as its full of distractions and interruptions. Moving the location from DC elsewhere guarantees visitors have taken the time to travel and to help. The key is a large population of talented people who are dying to work for you. Any outer borough of NYC, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Boston are all good examples of a large, blue state city to base in. Employees will relocate to participate in the campaign, and will find low cost temporary housing or live with campaign supporters on a donated basis. This worked well in Chicago and can work elsewhere. The computers will be in the cloud and most likely on Amazon Web services (AWS). All the campaign needs are portable computers, tablets and smart phones along with credit card readers. 

3. The pieces of a Campaign a) The Field Its important to have strong field leadership, with autonomy and empowerment. Operations talent needs to build the offices, set up the systems, hire the people, and administer what is about 5000 people. Initial modeling will show heavy hiring in the key battleground states. There is plenty of time to set these functions up and build the human systems. The field is about organizing people, voter contact, and get out the vote programs.

Then, for example, there’s this:

Partners like Blue State Digital will do much of the fund raising. A key point is to convert BSD and other partners to pure cloud service offerings to handle the expected crush and load. d) Media (paid), (earned) and (social), and polling New tools should be developed to measure reach and impact of paid, earned and social media. The impact of press coverage should be measurable in reach and impact, and TV effectiveness measured by attention and other surveys. Build tools that measure the rate and spread of stories and rumors, and model how it works and who has the biggest impact. Tools can tell us about the origin of stories and the impact of any venue, person or theme. 

and this:

In the case where we can’t identify the specific human, we can still have a partial digital voter id, for a person or “probable-person” with attributes that we can identify and use to target. As they respond we can eventually match to a registered voter in the main file. This digital key is eventually matched to a real person.

It’s focused on controlling the outcome regardless of the actual merits of the competing candidates; and Schmidt was an ultimate insider in his knowledge of what companies Podesta should select to carry out the various parts of this operation. (Of course, those companies will then be in a privileged position, alongside Alphabet, serving a Clinton Administration.)

Schmidt also was proving to Hillary that in his work for her he was entirely objective in her interests, such as by his recommending Amazon, his big cloud-computing competitor, instead of Alphabet’s own cloud-computing service. This is a bipartisan operation, for her, against any and all other candidates.

Schmidt also was crucially involved in helping in 2011 to plan the coup in Ukraine that Hillary’s State Department was then working on, and which culminated successfully in February 2014. (Here’s Hillary’s protégé Victoria Nuland overseeing the operation and selecting on 4 February 2014 who would be leading the country after the coup: “Yats”.) This ‘democratic revolution’ “featured civic self-organization aided by the use of Internet-based social media, neighborhood initiatives, and online news sites”, and this online operation (directed mainly at rallying Ukraine’s anti-Russians, called ‘pro-EU’ people) fits precisely the “tech camps” that started inside the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine on 1 March 2013, after Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt and Google’s and the U.S. State Department’s Jared Cohen, had deceived wikileaks’ founder Julian Assange into informing them, on 23 June 2011, how to foment massive public demonstrations online. As planned (and, of course, Assange had no fore-knowledge of any of this), the coup ended in a very bloody ‘false-flag’ operation on 20 February 2014, in which Right Sector paramilitaries who had been trained by the rabidly anti-Russian racist Dmitriy Yarosh, and who were dressed as state-security police, shot down upon the crowd and murdered both regular policemen and the protesters, so that the bloodshed would be blamed on the man Obama was trying to oust, the democratically elected President, Viktor Yanukovych (who was lots more popular among Ukrainians than any of the subsequent top leaders of Ukraine have been).

Then these Right Sector mercenaries massacred an untold number of Crimeans who had been peacefully demonstrating there in Kiev against the anti-government (called ‘Maidan’) demonstrators, and who fled back into their eight buses that had taken them there from Crimea, back now to Crimea. Yarosh’s people blocked the buses at the town of Korsun and murdered some and injured others. This terrified the people in Crimea, which had voted 75% for the very person that the Obama Administration had just overthrown. That massacre was a key precipitating-event for the plebiscite that was then held in Crimea on 16 March 2014, at which over 90% of the residents voted for Crimea to rejoin with Russia, of which it had been a part until the Soviet dictator in 1954 arbitrarily transferred Crimea to Ukraine.

Right Sector thugs (now in plain clothes) were also behind the subsequent 2 May 2014 massacre of the new regime’s peacefully demonstrating opponents inside the Trade Unions Building in Odessa — the event that sparked the breakaway of yet another region of Ukraine: Donbass.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama wanted to control Ukraine because it has the longest border with Russia of any European country and would be ideal for placing missiles aimed at Moscow just a five minutes flight-time away. This was part of a plan that was started actually by U.S. President George Herbert Walker Bush on the night of 24 February 1990 and which both Bill Clinton and Bush’s son advanced, as did Obama and as will Hillary — presumably to the plan’s ultimate conclusion, war against Russia.

It’s a massive, decades-long, team-effort, on the part of America’s billionaires and their allied billionaires around the world; and, if Clinton wins, then it will be culminated. Eric Schmidt is key to her success in it, and will probably benefit hugely from it, if the conquest can be carried out by non-nuclear means or by ‘bluffing’ (which, of course, is being carefully gamed-out). But, just in case it goes nuclear, the people who are on the inside have already invested in nuclear bunkers for themselves and their friends and their friends’ friends. They are prepared for the worst, but hope for the best (for themselves, at least).

PS: Google also has rigged things so that a search for “hillary clinton’s health” brings up instead results “‘Hillary Clinton’s he’ into the Google search bar, before the search engine gives auto-complete suggestions including ‘Hillary Clinton’s headquarters,’ ‘Hillary Clinton health plan,’ and ‘Hillary Clinton’s healthcare plan’ – in other words, suggestions that have nothing to do with the current trending issue concerning Clinton’s health.”


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

  • Lombardi100

    Donald Trump is the next President of US Tuesday night and will bring
    the country to the right direction and a better future for our kids and
    good life. Landslide victory and the end of Hillary Clinton dream to
    become President. The media and the special interests are pushing very
    hard to influence the voters to vote for Hillary Clinton the last two
    days. Americans want change and clean up of corruption in
    Washington.The Democrat government is in panic mode and those bogus
    polls go nowhere because the people of US want him to be their
    President tomorrow.

    • Eric Zuesse


  • amuncat

    “…choose enthusiastic, smart and low paid permanent employees…” No worries, you guys, they still have the best interest in the common people in mind! Trust them! To the Clintons, the whole world is Haiti!!!!!!!!!

  • hvaiallverden

    Look at them and look hard.
    They will be the enemy of man.
    The enemy of truth
    The enemy of comers/trade.
    The enemy of knowledge, since they will rule everything.

    Because, Hitlary will win, I dont doubt that for an moment.
    Hope is long since dead and gone, change is not even an pipe dream.

    All hail to Trump, and if He looses, He will still go down in history, as the man that finally kicked the eyes open in the people within the imperial banana republic UssA, since uSSa wasnt so hot, huh, both just an verbal deviation from the same systemic thinking, to control everybody and rule the land and its economy.
    And so far they have crashed it, and will continue with it, to the day they control everything, everywhere all the time.
    To me, Zoogle and the rest is the same, the alogritms the same, the propaganda and its systematic staking the result is the same, no differences what so ever, even as we speak, so to me, search engines will be used for buying tickets and so on an catalog with nice images and thats it.
    Everything else will be controlled and run by the ministry of truth and all that Jazz, Zoogle and F….book, to banking where One will rule them all, and into darkness bind us.
    (thats by the way taken from Kalevala)

    20 years ago, I talked about this direction the UssA is going, indefinite detentions and even torture is OK over there, and nobody talks about it, aka black holes.
    Century’s of wars, millions killed, more millions affected, and still we are forced to believe their insane talk.
    And the road is and have reached its dead end, and I know its culminated up to this point of time, where we all are at an cross road, the road to oblivion or peace.

    Sounds hard dont it, but if you dont see it, you are blind.
    I cant help it anymore.
    But one thing they must never ever forget, the fire is lighted, the rest, will come, sooner or later, even if I am dead and gone, I have no doubt about that, and my only advice is to wipe them out of existence, to the wry last one, untill they all hang, there will never be peace and prosperity, that road junction is right here, and the choice is yours.
    This is the first time I ever bothered to follow the election in the banana republic UssA, because this will be the last one Yankees.
    Be an patriot, the last stand against tyrants, is the patriot, been that since the dawn of man, I will fight anything, because not of hate of whats infront of me, that be what may come, but the love of whats behind my back.
    Whom ever fights along with me, is an patriot, and I dont care about Color, creed nor race.
    A brother in arms is an brother in arms.

    May the lord have mercy upon us all.



    A Hillary Win Will Be : CIVIL WAR .

  • Army of Addicts

    “Hillary supporters threaten to move to Canada”


  • Carolab

    JESUS CHRIST. We averted a coup. At least for now.