Meet Ukraine’s Master Mass-Murderer: Dmitriy Yarosh


Here Is the Man Who Organized and Ran Ukraine’s February 22nd Coup in Kiev,

and the May 2nd Massacre of Its Opponents in Odessa, for Barack Obama

Eric Zuesse

Dmitriy Yarosh is the founder and head of one of Ukraine’s two racist-fascist, or nazi, parties, Right Sector. He is officially the #2 Ukrainian national-security official, working directly under Andreiy Paribuiy, who heads Ukraine’s other nazi party (the party that used to call itself Ukraine’s “Social Nationalist Party,” after Hitler’s National Socialist Party, but which the CIA renamed “Svoboda,” meaning “Freedom,” so as to make it more acceptable to Americans).

However, Yarosh has turned out to be Ukraine’s actual leader, despite his not being officially at the top. His nominal boss, Paribuiy, had been appointed by Arseniy Yatsenyuk, who was chosen on February 4th (18 days prior to the coup) to be Ukraine’s new leader, by Victoria Nuland, who was appointed by Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, who were appointed by Barack Obama (the actual ruler of the new Ukraine).

As Yarosh said this past March in an interview with Newsweek, he has “been training paramilitary troops for almost 25 years,” and his “divisions are constantly growing all over Ukraine, but over 10,000 people for sure.” More recently, in October, a pro-Government Ukrainian site interviewed Yarosh and he mentioned specifically a “DUC,” or Volunteer Ukrainian Corps of fighters. He was then asked “How many soldiers in DUC?” and he answered, “About seven thousand men.” These would be his real military force, by far the biggest private army in Ukraine. So, in his private files are everyone’s individual background and skill-level as a “paramilitary,” or far-right mercenary, and they all respect and obey him as the top man. He is the indispensable person in this new Ukraine.

Yarosh’s teams carry out the most violent operations for the CIA in Ukraine (including the coup). Since these are the people who actually specialize in this sort of political operation, Yarosh basically commands the country. Ukraine is now run on fear, and everyone fears Dmitriy Yarosh. Even Ukraine’s other leaders fear him. He is sometimes shockingly public with his threats against even the nation’s President. Yarosh is the only person who can afford to be.

Here you see Yarosh’s people do the coup in Kiev in February. Here you see them do the massacre in Odessa in May. Notice how similar these two operations are. Yarosh’s mind is actually on display in those operations. Yarosh is the person who gave the teams their instructions, and his followers carried these instructions out.

Here, in a news report, titled “Nazi NATO, but No War Crimes Tribunal? Why?” you can see photos, and can click onto youtube videos, of Dmitry Yarosh’s people executing his carefully planned atrocities (some in broad daylight), during the May 2nd massacre, and (via the links within a linked-to news report), also executing the February 22nd coup. You’ll additionally see there other such operations, carried out by Yarosh’s teams.

Yarosh hires only proud far-right mercenaries, who are paid by him from U.S. Government agencies (for example, see this), and from U.S. oligarchs such as George Soros (via his International Renaissance Fund) and Pierre Omidyar – people whose enormous wealth is matched by their intense hatred of Russians – and are also paid directly and indirectly by Ukrainian oligarchs, especially by the one who (along with Arsen Avakov) actually masterminded the May 2nd massacre of Russian-oriented Ukrainians: that’s the Obama White House’s friend, the Ukrainian billionaire Ihor Kolomoysky. (Kolomoysky offered $5,000 for every confirmed corpse produced at the May 2nd massacre.)

The May 2nd massacre was done specifically in order to get the residents in Ukraine’s pro-Russian southeast to fear this new Government so much as to refuse to be ruled by it. (Who wants to be ruled by people who are determined to kill you?) Until the massacre, those people didn’t want full independence from the new Government; but, after it, they did. It’s the reason for the massacre – to get them to demand full independence. Their refusal to be ruled by these people who had massacred so barbarically in Odessa people who were like themselves, made practically everyone in the southeast into “separatists.” This new Kiev Government could then call them “terrorists,” and (with acceptance from suckers in the U.S. and Europe) go to war to eliminate them – to make a free-fire zone of the entire area in which the people who had voted for the overthrown leader live. And that’s what it has been since: a free-fire zone, in which the UN and the West passively accept, when they do not outright endorse, their extermination.

Obama needed to eliminate the people in the areas of Ukraine who had voted around 90% for the man he overthrew on February 22nd. (That’s the area of the extermination.) Otherwise, Obama’s coup wouldn’t possess staying-power as a ‘democracy’; it would’t survive future nationwide Ukrainian elections if these areas of almost exclusively pro-Russian voters weren’t ruthlessly destroyed. Those Ukrainian voters thus needed to be eliminated. They were doomed by Obama’s coup-plan, and their doom was Obama’s follow-through on his coup.

But, actually, both Right Sector and “Svoboda” had shared control over the ‘democratic’ “Maidan” demonstrations against the previous President, even prior to the coup that overthrew him. That person, Ukraine’s final President to be elected in a nationwide vote, Viktor Yanukovych, did not know that the U.S. would go so nazi as that. The U.S. had hired both of these nazi groups, from the get-go. As TIME reported, on 4 February 2014 (ironically on the very same day when Victoria Nuland chose Arseniy Yatsenyuk to lead the post-coup Government), “Yarosh and another militant faction [Paribuiy’s “Svoboda”], began a parallel set of negotiations over the weekend. On Monday, they claimed to be in direct talks with Ukraine’s police forces to secure the release of jailed protesters, including members of Pravy Sektor [the Ukrainian name for Right Sector]. Mainstream opposition leaders said they had not authorized any such talks. [They were just America’s suckers among the Maidan demonstrators, the people who thought that this was really about ‘joining Western democracy.’] At the same time, Yarosh has demanded a seat at the negotiating table with the President [Yanukovych]. Once again, he was flatly denied. His ideology, it seems, is just too toxic to let him in the room.” But it wasn’t “too toxic” for Obama to place Yarosh into control over the new Ukraine. (Of course, once the deed was done, this was the last time when one heard in the U.S. about the reality of whom these men were. The myth about ‘American democracy’ needed to be sustained, and so the U.S. ‘news’ media stopped covering that news, and instead focused only on pumping the U.S. Administration’s allegations against Russia, which is Obama’s real target here.)

Dmitriy Yarosh is the indispensable person for such a crucial political task as the elimination of Yanukovych’s voters – and that’s the reason why Yarosh now essentially rules Ukraine.

He says that the reason they need to be slaughtered is that they are “separatists” and “terrorists.” But Yarosh himself had fought alongside Chechen Moslems in Russia for Chechnia’s independence from Russia. He said that their battle is heroic. Bottom line on Yarosh is that what Jews were to Hitler, ethnic Russians, and all of Russia, are to him, and to the entire movement that he represents, which were Ukraine’s Hitler-supporting organizations during World War II. This anti-Russian form of nazism doesn’t go only back to the German Nazi Party; it’s indigenous to northwestern Ukraine, which is why Ukraine has two native nazi parties, not merely one.

Here are Yarosh’s people, marching.

Here they are as an elite battalion slaughtering people in the extermination-zone.

And here is Yarosh himself, the top person in Ukraine’s far-right, being interviewed on Ukrainian TV; in this, you meet Dmitriy Yarosh personally:

As you can see there, he’s quite a charming fellow. Perhaps even more so than Barack Obama. (Republicans don’t have anyone who is even nearly so charming as Yarosh.)

U.S. politicians are lucky that Yarosh doesn’t speak English, and wasn’t born in America. He’d probably win the Republican Presidential nomination (though with rhetoric that’s even milder than what he sports in Ukraine), and go on to win the U.S. Presidency, if he were an American, rather than merely being paid by U.S. taxpayers (and by some of America’s and Ukraine’s oligarchs), such as he is now.

In today’s world, charming people can be like Adolf Hitler, or Benito Mussolini, or Emperor Hirohito, none of whom was charming. After all, America is now on the fascists’ side ideologically, except that it’s for rule by U.S. oligarchs, not by German, Italian, or Japanese ones. It’s for America’s oligarchy to be the masters of other nations’ oligarchies, rather than for other nations’ oligarchies to be the masters of ours. The shoe’s on the other foot, now, that’s all. Fascism, even nazism, finally won.

The era of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s ideology (which was opposed to all oligarchies) has been replaced by the era of Ronald Reagan’s ideology (favoring oligarchy, “Svoboda,” or “the free market,” and thus favoring the international dominance of America’s oligarchs). Oligarchy has become the American way now, and we even call this ‘democracy.’

Hitler, the admirer of “the Big Lie,” would get a big chuckle out of such a posthumous ideological victory. Especially since the people whom Obama placed into power in Ukraine are Hitler’s passionate followers in their wanting to subordinate or else destroy all Russians, which had likewise been an aspiration of Adolf Hitler.

Obama, however, is more tactful. Here’s what he said, on 28 May 2014, to the graduating cadets at West Point: “The United States is and remains the one indispensable nation. That has been true for the century passed [he simply can’t spell ‘past’] and it will be true for the century to come. … America must always lead on the world stage. If we don’t, no one else will. The military that you have joined is and always will be the backbone of that leadership.”

It’s supremacism, but for a different group of oligarchs, that’s all – America’s.


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

  • Matt

    americas favorite puke of the day unleashed on its population, havent we heard this terror shit before from terror inc america land of the war criminals running the country into the sewer of hell, good luck with that fools

  • popsiq

    I was wondering about that “appointed” government that resulted in a newly-‘elected’ president and then had itself ‘re-elected’ … minus those affected by “lustration” (which I imagine isn’t so much like dumpster-diving as it is like putting a shiny coat on something … in this case a rather large American-made turd).

    Now I see the connection and the flow of authority.

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  • disqus60

    LOL “That the CIA renamed..” as if you would have any clue what the CIA does. This is pure Putaganda designed to provide justification to Russians, of his invasion of Ukraine. The Right Sector may be social nationalist, I don’t know but they had not committed any hate crimes, unlike the neo nazis in Russia (which are over half of all the world’s neo-nazis)

    • None

      Who killed Oles Busina, bitch? An eagle in yellow pee and blue gas.

      • Dalton

        Maybe the same one who murdered Nemtsov? Otherwise I don’t have time to research it , as I’m still reading the list of over 6000 young men and women and thousands of Ukrainians that have been killed by an ex KGB thug who runs a country now.

    • styx22

      a bit rich coming from a full time cia employee, residing in kolomoyski’s derriere like yourself.

      btw, one your secret admirers forwarded the most recent cia picture (attached ) of you together with the rest of your cia staff profile to me this morning.

      It sure makes a very entertaining read ..

  • Stuart Duncan

    What an absolute piece of propagandist crap. It is almost laughable how this piece of crap story ties Obama to its storyline. No one in their right mind would accept this heaping mound of smelly assumptions no matter that yarosh is as despicable as his politics. Ukrainians deserve to be left alone to govern their own country free of russian military invasions and Russian weapons killing innocent civilians fired upon by Russian troops. Russia has no business in Ukraine. Period.

    • Guest

      What an absolute piece of propagandist crap. It is almost laughable how
      this piece of crap story ties Putin to its storyline. No one in their
      right mind would accept this heaping mound of smelly assumptions no
      matter that Don Andrews is as despicable as his politics. Canadians deserve
      to be left alone to govern their own country free of American military
      invasions and American weapons killing innocent civilians fired upon by American troops. America has no business in Canada. Period.

      Dear Santa!

      • Dalton

        Canada wouldn’t exist in its current form without America and its military strength, and it sure wouldn’t be as developed without those nasty Americans attached to them.. no matter how much you want to think otherwise.

        • Stuart Duncan

          i never wrote it – and i agree. america is a wonderful partner and neighbor. any country bordering rusia knows russians are shit.

      • Stuart Duncan

        steven harper has it right. putin is a killer and a monster and an enslaver of the novoserfs of russia … he needs to be eliminated … and every russian soldier traveling into ukriane to kill ukrianians defending their own borders needs to be killed or caught and tried as war criminals for being there. putin should be charged for war crimes in den haag as well.

    • Earl

      THEY AREN’T THERE! Those are Donbass residents who are fighting back against the Ukrainian military who are shelling them. Can you say ethnic cleansing?

    • clifftones

      It’s not Obama as much as it’s Victoria Nuland, priming for WWIII with her Globalist New World Order’s five billion dollars going to the Western puppet Poroschenko. Plus, people in the east are more anti-Kiev than pro-Russian and don’t want Yarosh’s ethnic-cleansing Banderite collaborators in their country. That’s the other reality missing from the Western narrative

  • Dalton

    Pathetic propaganda peddler you are Zeusse.. change your name to ZERO, as in credibility.

    • clifftones

      How do you know what the CIA didn’t do? And what’s propaganda about Victoria Nuland, with her well-known five billion for the puppet Poroschenko? That’s the whole theme. Obama isn’t behind this — it’s more the Globalists, the ones who pulled off 9-11, now priming for WWIII and merely using our CIA, the same old story. US needs to quit expanding NATO for territorial exploitation and resource acquisition, then blaming Putin.

      The people in the east are anti-Kiev more than pro-Russian and don’t want these Neo-nazi ethnic-cleansing Banderites in their country. That’s the other reality missing from the Western narrative

      • Dalton

        Come on man, stop watching RT or listening to Alex Jones. There’s a history behind the maidan and a history to Putin wanting part of Ukraine long before it. Better ask why Yanukovich was doing everything Putin wanted, including decimating the Ukrainian military in the years leading up to Crimea. The Ukrainian people, particularly the young ones, just wanted a life that wasn’t full of corrupt government, and a chance to prosper. NATO wasn’t a threat to Russia, except for Putin to say it is, and NATO has never threatened RUssia, nor has any country around Russia threatened it.. are you kidding? And knock off the “nazi” crap, the only “ethnic cleansing” people are the russians killing “ukrops” and taking their land. The entire theme of their supposed defense of “russian speaking people” or “ethnic russians” makes their entire action ethnic based. Ukraine never had such mentality before, and people lived together in peace without even a distinction, until Putin saw his chance to take half the country. And talk about “exploitation and resource acquisition”.. why is it that you always blame the US for this but if another country is the aggressor, they are somehow the good guys? Do you know how much Crimea was worth in energy assets? over a TRILLION Dollars. What about the resources in Donbass? Who took that? Do you really think if the US had wanted it, it would have just let it get taken? Think about it and stop being victim of the propaganda. This is just a continuation of historical actions by a soviet mentality group of thugs.

        And learn who “bandera” is before using his name like Russian trolls do who get their history lessons from the kremlin.

        • styx22

          which RT programme reported on your comrade in arms yarosh, kolomoyski’s worm ?

          I would be very interested to see it, since I intend to introduce myself to the murderous scumbag after I conclude a thorough in depth investigation of his despicable crimes.

  • Satovaro

    what a stupid lie