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  • Hugh Nowlan

    I read a RINF article in What Really Happened last night (Monday 23 Sept) and cannot now trace it. Can you help?

    It concerns BENGHAZI…and suggests Obama, far from not just standing down an armed response he actually had authorised the liquidation of Ambassador Stevens as he was about to go public on the missile sales going on next door.

  • Mick Meaney

    Hi Hugh, all articles for 23rd Sept are here http://rinf.com/alt-news/date/2013/09/23/

  • Morgan

    Have you been hacked? When I hit ‘Breaking News’, this is what I get:

    Breaking Alternative News
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    Been that way for over a week

  • Mick Meaney

    It’s working again..

  • Joey


    Is there an RSS feed I can use to subscribe to http://rinf.com/alt-news/now/ ?

  • Met REAL God in Person

    Trust me, I know what I am talking about. 99% of people don’t know facts, believe unfounded conspiracies, or believe propaganda in media :
    Freemasonry is Jewish. It has existed since Sumeria. It has had “lodges” and Priesthoods since then in every major world culture. It constantly hides its identity and confuses the poplace with disinformation. Trust me I am 100% correct and I don’t have time to justify or explain things.
    Judaism is evil. Jehovah is evil. Islam is evil. Christianity is a mess.Any Torah-based religion is EVIL. Trust me please. Torah-religions preach genocide, racism, rape, torture, murder, slavery, etc. I am trying to simplify everything in a few lines. Jehovah is an extraterrestrial who has ruled on this earth for tens of thousands of years, and still does. His cult has ruled nations for millenia and currently is in every nation on earth, ruling each with power and by money and magic. He is an evil maniac dictator, and he will soon rule earth again if he is not stopped by the forces of good. Aliens are all around earth and are just waiting for the signal for a massive war to go off, i mean space and earth war. Colonization has been in the works for hundreds of years, they are just building up their purpose and their plan will start. I am warning you.

  • Met REAL God in Person

    When Jehovah’s evil cult has all its pawns in place – which is soon – the colonization of earth will take place, and all humans will be erradicated and enslaved. Those who survive will be reduced to a prehistoric state. The only reason it has not happened yet is because these aliens live tens of thousands of years or more, and a thousand or two years is a drop in the bucket for them. Judaism and Torah-based religions are the intermediary between them and humans. The aliens are so powerful we do not stand a chance. Earth and its inhabitants thereof and resources, are a commodity. We are all owned like cattle, and we will have no clue what the real purpose is to the aliens. Thankfully, GOD is real and he has an army also who will fight for us. God has no religion and Jehovah is an evil alien.

    • Red Mann

      You “proud” ignorant SOB’s ARE FOOD!
      For the Dracos, who are 8 foot plus, walking upright, and sentinel (thinking, self aware) reptiles, we are food and have been since time immemorial!

      Dracos REALLY prefer the flesh of babies and less than 1 year old children.
      They are their “Veal” type of meat!
      The flesh has NOT been polluted with adulterants yet, like tobacco, alcohol, GMO Foods, etc., so it does “taste” the best and is “Preferred” by the Dracos.

      Just in this puny populated country alone at 325 million, over 100,000 of “Your” children go missing (just vanish into thin air) EVERY YEAR!!

      And you judeo-christo KILLER CULTISTS DO NOTHING!
      Instead, you have WAR ON DRUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      At approximately 7 billion on the surface of the planet (a large, open space type pen for you, the barnyard animals) at this time, it is almost time for the “Round Up” and “Slaughter House” visits to begin!!!!!!!!

      Bon appetite!

  • Met REAL God in Person

    I have seen the battle, when with God, and I don’t know who wins. I do know that est. 500,000,000 people will be taken off our planet to be slaves. I saw that too. Billions will be killed by the war and exterminators. The war will start immediately after the “FALLING OBJECT” crashes on earth. It is large and amberish as it falls to earth. It will cause a flare type explosion so big you can see it around earth. then the battle starts immediately. stars will fall – ie ships will crash to earth from battle. it will look like stars are fighting each other en masse. mankind will never be the same. pillars of “fire” will wipe out vast populations, coming from bottom of round craft. Karma is law, and we have to wait to see if GOOD wins vs EVIL in this war. :( cry a tear for humanity

  • Met REAL God in Person

    a fake messiah will come and take these people to be slaves, they will think they are being raptured and are going to heaven. This is the fall of Christianity. Jesus will never come. The true God has seen wars like this happen for billions of years across the universes. He is kind enough to lend a hand in the form of his vast armies. Thank God and separate yourself from Torah religions and their beliefs immediately.

  • Met REAL God in Person

    “Your death is written before you are born.” – Bhagavad Gita.
    Have no fear of anything. Know God is only good, and never evil. Believe in HIM and your death will be but a doorway to eternal paradise. I promise you.

    • Irate Pirate

      Hey, that’s some deep stuff you wrote. Man can only gain power over the other, only through deceptions and lies. Men were never meant to rule, and I never gave them that power in order to rule over me. I think I have clearly defined the definition of slavery without wanting to. As long as I have the freedom to think, I will never be a slave because God is only good, God is only truth and he feeds us with it when we are hungry, hungry for understanding of truth. Met REAL God in Person, your point of view is very interesting, and I can’t dispute if the things that your are saying aren’t true, because there is so much that we don’t understand. I grew up believing in Jehovah as being the one and only true god, I grew up as a Jehovah’s Witness. When I pray to him, I address him as father and rarely as Jehovah. I think addressing him by his name is disrespectful, I never dared called my biological father by his first name as a young child because I feared and respected him. To be honest, I don’t think his name Jehovah matters too much to the equation of reality. What really matters most to me is that I love him for creating me, and others who have the ability to think.

  • Red Mann

    god does NOT exist!
    YOU ARE god.
    Anything you think becomes reality HERE!
    How can you reject the three monolithic ALL MALE run spiritual TERRORISTS on this planet, AND STILL CLING TO “their” mangod construct???????

    WISE UP, you HAVE NOT “seen” their “mangod”!

    NO god that would take credit for creating this universe!

    Earth IS

    It IS HELL
    when you do not know (like you know what you had for breakfast this morning).

    WHITE-SKINNED MAN comes to save you because YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE SAVED FROM

    LIFE (many, countless gods) creates the Universe and its circumstances, and ALL
    LIFE FORMS PRESENT in it, not the other way around.

    There is
    NOT one god, but “gods” beyond counting!

    single energy force that is SELF-AWARE is a “god” here, in this universe!

    ALL BEEN duped for your entire lives.

    NO “ONE”, NO “one god” that “made everything!

    knowledge is NOT known.

    EXIST AT ALL in this universe.

    “project” here from YOUR ETERNAL HOME!

    I DO NOT


    I DO NOT
    HAVE TO “believe” anything!

    Because I
    have a real memory of where I have been, where I am now, and where I WILL BE!

    ALMOST ALL OF YOU, who must refer to a “Book” as solace as to “where you are
    going” after you vacate YOUR temporary “MEAT-WRAPPER” IN THIS HELL!

    I do NOT
    have to “believe” anything.

    Here is
    the truth.

    You should
    be able to remember, also, if you can undo the “brain-washing” from birth and
    further “mental conditioning”.

    Here is another “life philosophy” for you all to consider, with a different
    twist. I am SOOOOOOOOOOO sick of reading the prevailing notion that ONE entity
    created all in this physical universe, and that ALL return to the “One”, the
    truly communist-type of god! NO individual “personalities” will exist after the
    body dies in the minds of the crackpots, demons, BOOK “pushers” (market-teers)
    and religious lunatics (Save me, save me, oh, one!) who dominate the
    conversation on BIN! They use name calling (get behind me satan) or even use censorship
    and simply eliminate anything else other than the usual whine of “Save me”!
    “Unite me with the “One”! Whether “Old biblical babble” or “new age crap”, it
    is all the same, pathetic whine about the End of Time!

    So, consider this:

    No god would ever take credit for creating this universe.

    It just exists, as we do.

    All is not known.

    Only your lunatic asylum on planet hell (earth) has ever ‘conjured up’ this god

    Why does your god demand your prayers?

    Why do you think that ‘something’ would ‘take credit, for say, a tidal wave
    that kills over 250,000 on 3 continents and numerous islands?

    You think there was some ‘divine planning’ in that that any rational, thinking
    entity would ‘take credit for”?

    Why did your god jesus sit next to a demon, evil incarnate, and listen to a
    sales pitch?

    Why did your god jesus let that pure evil walk away to continue to torment you?

    And, you worship this insane, demonic personality?

    Nothing does exist here.

    Nothing touches at any level of ‘perception’ HERE (solid, liquid, gas,
    molecular level, sub atomic level- particles that orbit one another and never

    That is the way HERE is designed.

    You see, all of you have a memory problem.

    A big memory problem that causes all of your problems HERE. You have all
    forgotten the purpose of HERE and why HERE was created.

    You are solid energy that vibrates, or resonates, at a specific frequency,

    That individual frequency is how you are recognized by others like you.

    And, who cares if this whole planet does not exist in the future?

    The whole ‘universe’, for that matter.

    You see, like there are athletes among you that can achieve and perform ‘feats’
    that you never will (like, “Big Wave” surfing, or “Extreme Downhill Skiing”),
    there ARE others among you that have memories that extend, very accurately,
    well beyond this one, very hellish-like, lifetime.

    Because, my fellow immortal beings, you have ‘been robbed’ of your ‘eternal
    existence’ memories.

    You wander, trapped on this hellish planet earth, ‘generation after generation,
    recycling, over & over again.


    Stripped of memory.

    Born again as ‘human’ on PLANET HELL, earth.

    I know what this world is really all about!

    I am in hell, right now!

    I remember what and who I really am!

    A sentential being that has existed for trillions of years.

    I exist all the time not on this planet, but, in “my home”, that is ‘not of
    this world”, untouched by all of this.

    Time does not exist where I live all of the time.

    Distance does not exist.

    I think, and it takes form and substance…………………………………. here

    anything I think!

    HERE, in this physical universe!

    Made for my amusement!

    This is an amusement park for us, the immortal beings!

    A “body” is no more than a “temporary meat-wrapper” that we “ride” in! like
    getting into the “ride car” that brings you around the track at “magic
    mountain”. when the ride is over, you get out of the vehicle that transported
    you over the track.

    We are ALL designed to go “at will” from “body to body”.

    We have lost that ability, and now are all ‘trapped on the ride’, and we cannot
    get off!

    We are here to experience sex, food, smell, violence, both giving it &
    receiving it;

    all the things that do not exist when you exist as

    Pure energy forever,

    Energy that is indestructible,

    That cannot die,

    That can not be destroyed,

    That cannot experience pain


    But, you can be trapped, ‘imprisoned’, and have your memory “wiped clean’ after
    every “lifetime”.

    You poor, lost, immortal beings!

    YOU do not remember a thing!

    So, when you “die” you all “go to the light”!

    You cannot help yourselves, images of your dead friends, family, are pulled
    right out of your “fresh memories” and projected to “lead you to the light, to
    love, to god”?

    And that is your mistake!

    Cause you get zapped, like a moth hitting the ‘bug zapper’ screen, your memory
    is “wiped clean’ and you are born back in a body, trapped with no memory for
    another rather hellish lifetime of pain, rape, war, starvation, tidal waves,
    violence, child-birth, and death…again! And again……And again. Death experienced
    over and over and over again!

    “Help me “one”!

    I am trapped on the ride, and I cannot get off!

    Help me “one”!”

    Whether you know it or not, that is where 99.99% of you are ‘at’ right now,

    Unless, you do not go to the light!

    See why I do not care?

    About any of you HU-mans?

    You cannot die.

    The worse that happens is you are born, here in hell on earth, in a
    meat-wrapper of some type, again!

    ‘Memory strip’– completed — again.


    Good luck
    trying to escape this “Designed Terror World” for immortal beings who “Just cannot
    remember” literally who they are!

    It’s that earthy ‘religious conditioning’ that “sets you up for the psy-op job”
    at the moment of death! (Save me, oh, one, save me!)

    Your religious leader monsters know all this!

    They are
    your “prison guards”, and are afforded “special privileges”, torturing your
    ‘brain washed from birth’ kind!

    No “One” will come to save you, because YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE SAVED FROM

    NOW, GO, ALL OF YOU, AND “REMEMBER” your eternal existence memories for yourselves!