The United Nations Coming For Our Children?

Dana Gabriel

A global transformation is being manifested through corporations, the media, entertainment, and the educational system. The social engineers and the agents of change wish to purge our children’s beliefs, value system, their independence, and their individuality. They are being replaced with more global beliefs, universal values, and interdependence. Their fragile little minds are being molded and shifted into group-think, while parental authority and influence is being undermined. The United Nations, through its numerous agencies and treaties, is undermining national sovereignty, and further dictating family policy. This is not to say that there aren’t well meaning people working for the UN, but at its very core, it has been hijacked by some wishing to use it for their own agenda. Under the guise of human rights, these cleverly worded and crafted treaties are anti-family and are about control and fail to honor, respect, or adhere to our own Constitution. It is through the educational system that they wish to correct any perceived errors in home training. As a result, children’s love and loyalty to their family and country is being systematically destroyed.

Children are being indoctrinated to view everything from a world perspective, and are being conditioned to conform to universal values, environmental standards, and a whole new global management system. This is all part of training children to be good little slaves, I mean good global citizens. In schools, collective thinking is strongly encouraged, and children are taught that there must always be unity and consensus. Group interaction is important, but it doesn’t always have to end with everyone agreeing. Children are being made to see themselves as a group, where personal worth depends solely on service to the community and to the state. They are being desensitized to contrary values, and teaching is now more focused on feelings and emotions rather than facts and logic. They are being taught that morals and values are constantly changing, and that they need to establish a system that best suits them. There is no room for those who uphold their morals, including their parents. They are all viewed as intolerant and trying to impose their values on others. In this new system, a strong family unit is a threat, and there is no place for nationalism or individuality.

Founded in 1945, the United Nations Educational and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has been described as a propaganda machine for the UN and world government. In 1984, the late President Reagan withdrew from UNESCO and stated., �It has exhibited a hostility toward institutions of free society, especially a free market and a free press.� In 2003, President Bush brought the U.S. back into UNESCO, promising they had reformed for the better. Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul, who opposed the decision, said, �UNESCO meddles in the education affairs of its member-countries and has sought to construct a UN-based school curriculum for American schools.� Much of our education system is already UNESCO-orientated and in fact an almost worldwide curriculum has been archived. UNESCO seeks to be the school board of the world and is indoctrinating children for world government. Its first director, Julian Huxley, said of UNESCO, �The task is to help the emergence of a single world culture with its own philosophy and background of ideas and with its own broad purpose.� In order to truly achieve this goal, they will have to destroy any feelings of nationalism and loyalty to one’s country, and undermine any traditional family values, biblical principles, and other influences at home and in the confides of the family structure. To further acclimate itself, the UN has entered into partnership with Marvel Comics, where superheroes will be depicted working side by side with the world body. Millions of American school children will receive these comics for free.

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) is based on the same principles of the UN charter that rights and freedoms are granted by governments and institutions, and are conditional. In an article from 15 years ago, Phyllis Schlafly states that the convention, �is based on the concept that a child’s rights originate with the UN Treaty itself or with the government. The logical conclusion is that a child would have no rights except those in the Treaty, and what government gives, government also can take away.� The whole UN framework and philosophy runs contrary to the Bill of Rights and to the Constitution. The UNCRC fails to cement a parent’s right to make decisions for their own children. It is an assault on parental authority, and is a blank check for governmental interference in family affairs. It states that the government shall uphold and ensure children’s rights to freedom of thought, religion, conscience, privacy, and rest and leisure. In Article 13 it says that, �The child shall have the right to freedom of expression; this right shall include freedom to seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds, regardless of frontiers, either orally, in writing or in print, in the form of art, or though any other media of the child’s choice.� This clearly undermines parental authority and seemingly grants children radical new rights. It is meant to further promote a child’s autonomy and freedom from parental guidance. This was never about protecting the children, and has given the UN more power over our lives. It is being selectively enforced in countries where the convention has been signed and ratified.

In Belgian, homeschool parents must sign a document stating that they promise to rear their children in accordance with the UNCRC. Government inspectors decide whether or not families are complying to UN training. Those not following the criteria have their children sent to government schools. It appears as if homeschooling has become a UN-sponsored activity. In Germany, the state views homeschooling as a violation of a child’s well being. The UNCRC gives the government the power to define and determine what is in a child’s best interests. If it does not pertain to abuse or neglect, it has no business otherwise. The UNCRC transfers parental rights and responsibilities to the state and grants children dangerous freedoms. It was signed by the Clinton administration in 1995, but has yet to be ratified. It lies dormant, but when the time is right, it could be dusted off much like the Law of the Sea Treaty was.

Parents need to understand that the moment they send their children to public schools, they are surrendering a certain amount of authority and influence over their children. Values and principles installed by parents are being manipulated and pushed aside. The ideology of globalism and world government is at the very core of the educational system. Many are choosing to homeschool, but they are being demonized and are under attack. In places like Germany, homeschool parents are being fined, jailed, and in some cases are having their children taken away. There is a battle going on for the hearts and minds of our children. The social architects know that if they can shape and mold our children’s minds, they will undoubtedly control the future.