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Outrage as Israel bombs UN

Aid workers allege use of banned white phosphorus as Hamas security leader dies in bombing raid on house By Kim Sengupta in Jerusalem  Israeli tanks thrust deep inside Gaza City last night as ferocious fighting raged in dense residential areas ...

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E-Passports ‘can be cloned’

Microchipped passports the Government claim are foolproof can be cloned in minutes, it has been reported.  By Jon Swaine Test results suggest that criminals could copy innocent travellers’ passports and manipulate their data, replacing the photograph or other information with ...

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John Bolton Escapes Citizen’s Arrest

By Stephen Adams – The Telegraph | John Bolton, the former US ambassador to the United Nations, has escaped an attempted citizen’s arrest as he appeared at the Hay Festival. Security guards blocked the path of columnist and activist George Monbiot, who ...

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UN suspends aid flights after Burma impounds food

By Rachel Stevenson, Julian Borger, Ian MacKinnon and agencies | The UN today suspended aid flights to Burma after emergency supplies for survivors of cyclone Nargis were impounded by the military government. A spokesman for the UN’s World Food Programme ...

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UN official decries weakening of press freedom

Dawn | UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Louise Arbour has decried weakening of press freedom world over, saying that governments are becoming more secretive and offering propaganda disguised as objective information — especially when alleged security-related issues are on ...

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Ex-chief weapons inspector slams Iraq war

LONDON (AFP) – Hans Blix, the former chief UN weapons inspector, slammed the Iraq war as a “tragedy” and blamed it on leaders ignoring the facts, in a comment piece published Thursday.Writing in The Guardian on the five-year anniversary of ...

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The United Nations Coming For Our Children?

Dana Gabriel A global transformation is being manifested through corporations, the media, entertainment, and the educational system. The social engineers and the agents of change wish to purge our children’s beliefs, value system, their independence, and their individuality. They are ...

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UN expresses “grave concern” over CIA torture

UN representative expresses “grave concern” over CIA torture, Guantánamo hearings By Naomi Spencer Following a visit earlier this month to the US military prison at Guantánamo Bay, a United Nations human rights representative reported ongoing abuse, drumhead judicial proceedings, and ...

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War crime lawyers fight UN on top job

New secretary general is challenged over ‘secret appointment’ to replace top tribunal prosecutor Ed Vulliamy in The Hague Sunday September 23, 2007 The Observer The new leadership of the United Nations is facing a defiant challenge from within one of ...

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