David Icke Responds to Mainstream Media Smear Attempt

Mick Meaney
RINF Alternative News

In what appears to be an increasing trend across the western corporate media, another researcher investigating the globalist agenda has become the target of yet another smear campaign.

Today David Icke, the UK’s most prominent and outspoken activist, is the subject of a report in The Daily Mirror tabloid over the death of a young man, Luke Monrose, who tragically drowned in Cornwall last May.

Yes, you read that correctly, the incident happened in May but only now 6 months on is David Icke’s name being mentioned in conjunction with the death – and only by the corporate media, suspiciously just days before he launches a revolutionary new web TV and radio station that is, coincidentally, dedicated to exposing the corruption of the ruling elite and their subservient media.

On the 17th May 2013 Luke Monrose attempted a well known, but extreme, Yoga meditation technique. Wearing a life jacket and goggles he walked into a flooded clay pit in St Austell, Cornwall and submerged himself.

He frequently practiced the Yoga technique in the bath.

Despicably, Daily Mirror reporter Emily Retter used the death of this young man as nothing more than opportunity to attack Icke and ignored the fact that the cold water meditation technique is common practise in Yoga.

Speaking to RINF Alternative News, David Icke said:

“This is a blatant personal attack written for no other reason than to discredit me and my work and, even worse, it is a cold and callous exploitation of this man’s family in pursuit of that end.

“I ask the Mirror to produce any quotes from any of my books with regard to astral projection or anything relevant to what happened to Luke.

“They will not find any because they are not there and the article is clearly an open and shut case of malicious libel.

“This disgrace to journalism, Emily Retter, would not have read a word of any book I have written because never let the facts spoil a good hatchet job. She is the personification of why the mainstream print media is dying and why The People’s Voice is so desperately needed.”

Bathing in the ocean was practiced by the Kumu Hula (master teachers) as a means of purification. It is also practiced all over Japan, Turkey, India, Africa, and Australia, just to name a few countries with bathing purification traditions or rituals. (source)

In fact, Mr. Monrose’s dedication to Yoga is only mentioned once in the article and I cannot find any reference to bathing in cold water in any of David Icke’s books.

This is not the first time the corporate media has used a tragic event to smear researchers and activists. Earlier this month ABC News implicated American pro-freedom activist Alex Jones  and suggested that he was responsible for motivating the LAX shooter.

This is a weak tactic from the corporate media designed to discredit and defame prominent activists as the growth of an independent media continues to threaten the corporate stranglehold on information.