David Icke To Launch Revolutionary TV and Radio Station

Author and researcher David Icke is planning to take another bold step forward and launch a revolutionary new 24/7 Internet TV and radio station that will broadcast topics that the mainstream media are too cowardly, or controlled, to touch.

But this venture isn’t about David Icke.

It’s about you.

The platform, which needs a kick-start of £100,000 , promises to become a first class outlet for citizen journalism, opening the floodgates for independent journalists, researchers and anyone with a voice that needs to be heard.

Speaking to RINF Alternative News, David Icke explained how the idea was born just over a month ago:

“You are right, it is not about me. I am sure I will have a big input over the months, but there will be no ‘David Icke Show’ because that is not me and I will be working in the background all the time with ideas and projects.
“We are going to need a lot of volunteer help when people have spare time they want to contribute as well as paid people to run the whole thing. I am doing everything that I am going to do to get this on air and up and running for free, so I guess I am the station’s first volunteer. The first of many I trust.
“The whole thing has come together so fast thanks to the work of Webmaster Sean once the idea was agreed. I did an interview with the Sunday Times with the usual concrete-minded journalist and it was a reminder that we are never going to get out to people what they need to hear through the corporate media.
“At the same time a friend of mine saw a ‘radio station’ for sale on the Internet and although the technology and set-up didn’t suit us the idea was triggered. Let’s start our own global radio and TV station that can give people 24 hours a day of uncensored airtime. That was only a little over a month ago and here we are going for it.
“I have so many ideas for what I want in terms of content and much will be generated by the public, anyway. One thing I want to do is to have a programme showing relevant videos that people have made themselves that otherwise would only sit on YouTube. We can have a presenter put them in context and sometimes have the makers in to talk about them and the subject.
“So much we can do – limitless in fact.”

On the campaign website, he writes:

“This is how we go beyond protest and bypass the mainstream media to give people direct access to the microphone and camera while broadcasting and breaking the stories that will give the global population the background to world events that the corporate media censors refuse to investigate.”

Think about the implications of that for a second.

It’s been attempted before, but never on this scale. ‘The People’s Voice’ takes advantage of the immediate and global reach of the Internet to deliver breaking news from the perspectives that matter most.

The rapid decline in public trust in the mainstream media, the governments and corporations that control that media, has now created a unique opportunity to build an alternative that can rival – and even surpass – the corporate media.

Since I first began reading his books in the 90’s, at a time when he was ridiculed by both the mainstream and alternative media, over the last 15 years I’ve seen David Icke grow from strength to strength. However, he’s been researching and sharing his findings for over 25 years.

I’ve also seen a slow but steady increase of friends turn from mocking anyone, myself included, who dared question the motives of the establishment, to now expressing vocal outrage at the crimes and misdeeds of the ruling elite that have become so apparent, in no small part thanks to the prolonged and dedicated efforts of Icke and other researchers.

And it while some will call this ‘a trend’ and attempt to gloss over the fact that we are on the verge of a tectonic shift in our history, the sheer number of disenchanted speaks for itself. Yet, almost ironically, the more the corporate media attempts to silence the voice of the people, the louder they become.

And now they are roaring.

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