David Icke To Launch Revolutionary TV and Radio Station


Author and researcher David Icke is planning to take another bold step forward and launch a revolutionary new 24/7 Internet TV and radio station that will broadcast topics that the mainstream media are too cowardly, or controlled, to touch.

But this venture isn’t about David Icke.

It’s about you.

The platform, which needs a kick-start of £100,000 , promises to become a first class outlet for citizen journalism, opening the floodgates for independent journalists, researchers and anyone with a voice that needs to be heard.

Speaking to RINF Alternative News, David Icke explained how the idea was born just over a month ago:

“You are right, it is not about me. I am sure I will have a big input over the months, but there will be no ‘David Icke Show’ because that is not me and I will be working in the background all the time with ideas and projects.
“We are going to need a lot of volunteer help when people have spare time they want to contribute as well as paid people to run the whole thing. I am doing everything that I am going to do to get this on air and up and running for free, so I guess I am the station’s first volunteer. The first of many I trust.
“The whole thing has come together so fast thanks to the work of Webmaster Sean once the idea was agreed. I did an interview with the Sunday Times with the usual concrete-minded journalist and it was a reminder that we are never going to get out to people what they need to hear through the corporate media.
“At the same time a friend of mine saw a ‘radio station’ for sale on the Internet and although the technology and set-up didn’t suit us the idea was triggered. Let’s start our own global radio and TV station that can give people 24 hours a day of uncensored airtime. That was only a little over a month ago and here we are going for it.
“I have so many ideas for what I want in terms of content and much will be generated by the public, anyway. One thing I want to do is to have a programme showing relevant videos that people have made themselves that otherwise would only sit on YouTube. We can have a presenter put them in context and sometimes have the makers in to talk about them and the subject.
“So much we can do – limitless in fact.”

On the campaign website, he writes:

“This is how we go beyond protest and bypass the mainstream media to give people direct access to the microphone and camera while broadcasting and breaking the stories that will give the global population the background to world events that the corporate media censors refuse to investigate.”

Think about the implications of that for a second.

It’s been attempted before, but never on this scale. ‘The People’s Voice’ takes advantage of the immediate and global reach of the Internet to deliver breaking news from the perspectives that matter most.

The rapid decline in public trust in the mainstream media, the governments and corporations that control that media, has now created a unique opportunity to build an alternative that can rival – and even surpass – the corporate media.

Since I first began reading his books in the 90’s, at a time when he was ridiculed by both the mainstream and alternative media, over the last 15 years I’ve seen David Icke grow from strength to strength. However, he’s been researching and sharing his findings for over 25 years.

I’ve also seen a slow but steady increase of friends turn from mocking anyone, myself included, who dared question the motives of the establishment, to now expressing vocal outrage at the crimes and misdeeds of the ruling elite that have become so apparent, in no small part thanks to the prolonged and dedicated efforts of Icke and other researchers.

And it while some will call this ‘a trend’ and attempt to gloss over the fact that we are on the verge of a tectonic shift in our history, the sheer number of disenchanted speaks for itself. Yet, almost ironically, the more the corporate media attempts to silence the voice of the people, the louder they become.

And now they are roaring.

Support The People’s Voice here and become part of the solution.

  • Henrik Larsson

    Greetings from Sweden! Even tough i feel, when i´m in the prescence of my family for example, that nothing is changing in terms of peoples understanding of the world… i´m always just one click away from millions of people who are waking up, or are wide awake. Thank you for spreading the news. Your site is also a peoples voice, because you touch thoose subjects that David talks about, without fear. And that´s the key…no fear! Keep up the great work!

    • Delia

      Greeting’s from America!
      I agree. This project looks like it’s the start of something great. I’m lucky that i’ve a few friends & family who are awake and with whom I can speak to about these topics. And yes, with the internet it’s so easy now to connect with other like minds. These are really exciting times we’re living in!

  • Paul Brown

    I’m retired, so I could spare 4 hours a day sub-editing written posts, checking posted links etc.
    Paul Brown

  • Paul Brown

    Your Indidgogo site appears to have a problem – I’ve logged in, entered an amount, but it won’t let me continue.

    • john

      it may be your password is not secure try a different one that is not to easy. same happened to me good luck.

    • Wen

      Have you tried adjusting your browser settings? I don’t know what browser you use (i use firefox), but sometimes your browser settings can prevent you from navigating a website properly.

  • Rds

    No, I am not what my email moniker implies. Thank you David Icke for who you are. You’ve been an inspiration and had a great influence in my life. My greatest hopes go with this newest effort. Where can I volunteer?

  • paul

    fantastic news.david you are an inspiration.I feel very proud to have been one the few in attendanc at your early events.All your books have helped me enormously on my personal awakening.wembley was a truly amazing event.Hope to meet up with you at the Bilderberg fringe festival next week.will be an unprecedented occasion.much love.paul

  • Kevin Rouse

    What a fantastic idea and will know doubt inspire millions once it is up and running.The truth of all of us being lied to on the industrial scale it has been carried out by the “elite” needs to be spread far and wide.We are now at the gates with an ever growing army ready to push through and onwards!
    If I can help get in touch via the email addy.
    Red pill or blue,its your choice!

  • Brilliant! This will be HUGE !!!! I right this moment feel proud to be a part of this in some small way! I will do all I can to promote and spread to all my senior friends.


  • Keith Smith

    Wow just when I was saying to my awakened friend there must be a big thing to come to shift the progress of the awakening because my awakening has taken years and is still ongoing and I remember Icke saying the big year of change will be 2016. This thing will definitely do it and I so can’t wait to support it. I’ll be Non Comply-Dancing wherever possible!!

  • affinitynetnews

    Great work David! Those of us around the world and here in America cheer you on. People the world over are awakening to the dead and dying paradigm of lies, fraud and endless wars and your new network will inspire millions to find courage to awaken further and know that they aren’t alone in this knowledge.

    We must all work together to awaken all that we can. Our future is in our hands not the criminal ruling elite.

  • Brilliant as, always.
    I’m also a researcher , writer and locutor and I have a radio show in a small independent radio in Argentina about the nature of reality and it’s possible descriptions.You are a great inspiration for me.In fact I’ve read all your books and I used to translate and read your material in the show.I would love to be able to interview you and you alrealdy have a corresponsal in latin america for your radio and tv or anything I can do to help you.
    Love and the best vibrations for you.
    With huge admiration

  • peterg

    I trust it wont be funded by George Soros et al like Democracy Now , which I shall call Demonocracy Now?


  • Antoine

    I just wanted to point the fact that davis icke made A LOT OF MONEY . so much that he doesn’t need to raise money for this TV . Furthermore, icke is always selling his books and dvd for an OUTRAGEOUS price .his wembley dvd cost more than 40 euros , and he must have paid like 2 or 3 euros to make it .so you can see the figure . I think is much more a business man in love with money than a good guy trying to inform us .

  • Thanks Peterg… Here’s a sample from that website…

    In Response To: Democracy Now funded by Rockefeller, Ford, Soros, CIA (Rayelan)
    : I don’t know what the problem is with some of the agents, but
    : they just don’t seem to get it that not all (or even most)
    : alternative media outlets convey unbiased news. This morning,
    : Stephanie/Gemstone Files put a link up to Democracy Now,
    : recommending it as a ‘great news source’. Obviously, she
    : didn’t bother to check them out thoroughly, or she’d
    : understand
    : their agenda.

    I understand a lot more than you think. Ford, CIA, etc., and most if not all of the “major” foundations and Mega-Billion corporations) generally plow some of their Mega-Bucks into “sponsoring” or funding anything that looks like alternative media.

    (They can well afford to do so, since they regularly milk off about half of the GNP each year.)

    That way, they get to push their muscle around when “the going gets tough,” or in really critical situations, where they can step in and threaten to stop their funding if they want to kill a particularly dangerous story. It happens all the time on “public TV,” which has become very dependent upon such funding.

    In the same way, these wealthy foundations (and corporations, and individuals) REGULARLY fund ALL serious political candidates. (That is, they fund the candidate THEY choose from among the “field.”) That way they get to control the candidates’ political agenda, and ultimately, control the outcome of elections. I’m sure you are aware of all of this; I’m surprised you didn’t point that out. But then, why should you?

    This worked like a charm in the last Presidential election. I am quite sure that the Democratic National Committee worked overtime to persuade Al Gore (a pathetically weak candidate to begin with) and the rest of the Democrats to adopt a feeble position of “non-opposition” to George Bush. Bush was the “pre-selected” choice, since he has the qualities necessary for the Dictator whose time his Daddy believed has come: ruthlessness and indifference toward everyone not of his particular small group. The Democrats’ “go-along with it” stance is what killed them in the last election, and now they are still unable to regroup because of confusion (and pay-offs) in the ranks.

    Teddy Kennedy is aware of all this, since his own family has been involved in this bloodthirsty internecine struggle for control ever since the 50’s. It is almost heartbreaking to see him trying to rally some opposition to the Bush neo-fascist JUGGERNAUT, since he is so vulnerable to blackmail and has been ever since Chappaquiddick.

    Ralph Nader also comes to mind. The Gemstone File section available on my CD* contains an account of the way Ralph Nader was “bought off” in 1970 with a surprising huge “cash settlement” from General Motors at a critical junction. All this paid off for the Big Bad Guys; since Ralph Nader’s forward momentum was completely stopped back in 1970. He has since then served as a useful “spoiler”, as he did in the last presidential election.

    One more point about why the CIA/Major Foundations/Mega-Bucks Corporations fund “all sides”: they well understand that without such funding, most “opposition” groups wouldn’t be able to perform AT ALL in the pseudo-elections that are commonplace here. Now, how would it look if our “glorious Republic” only had one party able to show up and be on the ballot? It would look just like those Banana Republics, Dictatorships, etc., that we have been creating/funding/supporting for all these decades. No, the “show” must go on! There must be AT LEAST 2 PARTIES, and even a harmless and ineffectual 3rd party, to serve as spoiler if necessary and lend some spurious authenticity to these mostly-show elections.

    I suppose you could have mentioned something of that in your rebuke to me, which I expect will continue. (But maybe not. I should be so lucky! :-) )

    Funding the alternative media is very much a part of the CIA/Mega-corporate “agenda.” It helps to draw off and diffuse (and confuse) dissent.

    For example, from the very start, “Ms.” magazine was heavily funded by CIA. (For anyone who is unaware of this, I’m sure you can find confirmation if you do a Google-search. This is fairly well known today, although it was not well known back when it was happening.) Eventually, it “worked,” and diffused the original impetus of the “women’s liberation” movement (and Ms magazine itself) into something marginal.

    But on the other hand, the women’s movement has accomplished a minor revolution in this country. And that can’t be taken away, unless Dictator Bush does so when and if he declares martial law in this country to stop dissent so that he can fight “multiple” wars, or “serial” wars, a la Napoleon or Hitler before their “unfortunate” demises.

    For example, he is opposed to a woman’s right to choose abortion, but he loves the idea of murdering millions of innocent civilians in the world war he is fomenting. And this of course will include the thousands of Americans he is shipping into harm’s way. (All this while going to church regularly every Sunday, though what he does in Texas out of public view is probably another matter.) It takes a particular kind of monster to do that, and they are rare. They tend, it seems, to run in families; as Caligula and Nero “ran in the family” of a line of vicious Roman dictators who were eventually removed from control of the Roman Empire. (It was that, or perish.)

    Considering the present critical situation, I take my friends where I find them, and at the moment I find “Democracy Now” to be a most useful ally.

    I did receive your e-mail. I couldn’t think of an appropriate (brief) reply, and I did not consider your “cautionary message” to be so convincing to me that I needed to post it. However, in the interest of “objective journalism,” I’m glad you sent your rebuke on to Rayelan, who posted it here. It has given me an opportunity and the impetus to reply.


    *The Gemstone File CD contains the equivalent of several hundred pages of Bruce Roberts’ magnificent history of the 60’s-70’s, without which it is very difficult to get a real view of what happened here at that time. It is available on my website via PayPal order for $15.00 + $3.00 shipping. I will make a special offer here:


    Stephanie Caruana

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  • sheila shaw

    I have tried two different credit cards and I cannot continue, I spent a lot of timen as I
    admire what you are doing, so is there another way to contribute

  • Amanda

    The timing is right for this. I was just saying to my partner the other day how sick of the mainstream news I was getting. There’s always a formula, there’s a shooting, car crash, rape or a cat rescue. The majority of the content is fear based reporting. None of the real issues facing the world ever get covered. I actually said to my partner wouldn’t it be great if we could have a tv channel that had news we wanted to hear – that told the truth but also gives people hope! Sounds like you guys were listening :-)

  • aiden

    icke is not part of an awakening, his disinformation is part of the cover up, but hey, he just guesses about aliens, some of us actually work with them and can say icke is completely wrong with complete confidence.

  • Andy

    I really miss the Controversial TV channel that went off air a couple of months back.

    Hopefully this will be a good replacement.