Traitors and Terror- Why private Intel providers betray their own people

This is part 2 of the Terrorists within.

Sometimes you have to just sit back and ask WTF just happened? When I started researching the ins and outs of what passes for the Intel community everybody is so quick to quote these days, I did just that. Two or three times. Maybe four. WTF!

One day, the US government hired a few very dubiously untalented and dangerous characters and they were mixed in with the Intel community. They were the new experts and provided Intel reports to the ODNI. The reports were verified and integrated into a holistic or overarching report called the President’s Daily Briefing (PDB).

This single report contains the information the President of the United States determines the possibility of war or peace from.

The next day, the Intel community was mixed in with an overwhelming number of dubious and dangerously uneducated and untrainable characters with scary politics providing cheap political talking points developed by Information Operations professionals.

These characters started out as bit players delivering information that was no better than hearing a rumor and passing it on. Nothing was ever substantial or substantiated. Then as time passed, they became the people that taught today’s ABC agency managers and private contractor firms their brand of information gathering, information war, and information operations.

The rumors they were paid so well to develop started making it into the PDB unchecked and unfiltered.

According to the Newsweek article “How Richard Clarke Outsourced Terrorist Intel,” both  Steve Emerson and Rita Katz became the go-to companies for OSINT. US intelligence had no experience with it until this period. And US intel and law enforcement didn’t want any.

Steve Emerson is famous for claiming Birmingham England is a jihadi Muslim only city. Then Prime Minister Cameron declared Emerson is “obviously a complete idiot!”

His protégé and erstwhile partner Rita Katz was educated in Intel operations while working at a gift shop. No further qualifications were required for this unlikely duo to start providing Intel directly to president Bill Clinton through the PDB. Then they were tasked with training US agency Intel gatherers. I kid you not.

The newest Intel medium pushed onto the Intelligence agencies by the Clintons is called Open Source Intelligence(OSINT). Because of its limitations, OSINT was only supposed to be considered tertiary or at best secondary Intel that had the potential to confirm or deny Human Intel HUMINT (agent’s interactions or observations) or SIGINT (electronic signals other than direct communications).

Under the Clintons, OSINT superstars were given preeminence and the future of Intelligence gathering changed forever for the worse. Can it be any clearer why today’s Intel managers tried to back Clinton and fabricate crimes against then-candidate and now President Trump?

They owe their industry and careers to the Clintons.

US intelligence agencies training relied on the methods and help of an out of work web-designera pornographer suffering from toxic black-mold induced delusionsa gift shop employeea stay at home dad whose last job was selling underwear, and a man that heard coded intel messages in fax transmission beeps. Unfortunately, this isn’t a joke.

One thing all these people have in common is that none of them have a background in intelligence or antiterrorism. In the years before and after 9/11, these concerned citizens took to the web and started pioneering a new form of intelligence called OSINT (Open Source Intelligence). This would later provide the basis for the establishment of the NSA and become the backbone of US intelligence gathering. The Private Contractors Using Vault 7 Tools for US Gov: US Intel Needs a Ground-Up Rebuild Part 1

These heroes deliver unverifiable information to the US government, EU, UK, NATO, and others. The focus and direction of the Intel are provided by their private sector customers. Against all the laws and common sense governing the Intel sector, they and foreign countries lobbying the US Government can now determine what goes into the PDB, raw.

There is no longer a need or desire to filter new Information against known facts. The private sector way is to just add unreliable and fabricated data that supports your billing cycle as you go along. No verification is possible. No verification is necessary. You can already hear the dollar signs – CHA-CHING!

Because the bar dropped below the floor for entry into the field, there is no longer any requirement to have a formal education or military/ civil career training in Intel or any of the sciences related to Intel or analysis to be a super-star.

In fact, given the history of the new method (OSINT), having an education or devotion to public service works against you.  Now, it’s all about a willingness to use the software against your neighbors and understand the politic you take to work with you is for hire.

Project Censored ranked this as the 2nd biggest story with national impact that wasn’t receiving enough attention in 2017-2018. The reason for this is the intermarriage of private companies and government agency leadership clearly crossing all bounds. There is too much money to be made and not enough industry to do it in.

The biggest problem for the Intel community today is there just aren’t enough foreign enemies to go around. At every twist and turn, with every advance in software (freeware), the Intel community wants to hire new blood at levels you’d think were enough to populate the entire industry 10X over.

Today, the NSA has between 30-40,000 employees and roughly 80% of that is contract workers from private companies. That portion of the budget is farmed out to undereducated people that are taught software.

Today this looks like Trump requesting $59.9 billion for non-military intelligence agencies and $21.2 billion for military intelligence in fiscal 2019.

This means Russia’s entire military budget is less than ¾ of what US Intel operations cost and has dropped steadily since 2016. Not quite what you’d expect from a country the press is selling as a war mongering nation.

The private sector Open Source Intelligence Market

According to Globe-News Wire, “the global open source intelligence market size can mushroom to USD 7,000 million by 2023, as per a new report by Market Research Future (MRFR). It can achieve this by expanding at a 16.18% CAGR from 2018-2023 (forecast period). The risk of cyber malignancy and availability of open source platforms to authenticate and verify news and articles is expected to induce the demand for OSINT over the forecast period.”

This means even the all the combined US Intel agencies literally cover the globe and can find any communication on any network connected to the internet or telephony, private sector efforts will grow to 1/3 of US military Intel expenditures.

The Globe-News Wire report goes on to describe the civilian effort as “Open source intelligence (OSINT) are insights or information gained from publicly available media domains. These sources include video, audio, image, and text formats. The geopolitical tensions, internal squabbles, financial distress of several nations, and terrorist attacks are incidents which require actual evidence to corroborate in the era of the fifth estate. The easy access to social media can give way to rumors which can cause panic. OSINT relies on distinct data sources to assist government agencies in allaying unfounded fears of the public.”

These overly optimistic selling points used to promote an industry built on rumor and speculation. To make the point, go on your own social media and take any post you come upon and decide its context at face value. Now do it again in the context of a news story.

How many “valid” opinions, statements, beliefs, and so on are there? Which one or which set reflect the facts of the developing story? Close to none. But, if it keeps cousin Jimmy gainfully employed so it can’t be all bad can it?

The second biggest problem for the Intel community is there will never be enough employees to counter the nonexistent threat they make their money manufacturing. What do I mean?

Cybersecurity labor crunch to hit 3.5 million unfilled jobs by 2021“The cyber crime epidemic is expected to triple the number of open positions over the next five years. A new report out from Cybersecurity Ventures estimates there will be 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs by 2021, up from 1 million openings last year.”

Are Tech Firms Funding Terrorism by Paying Hackers’Ransom? The article shows a distinct relation to the growth of the cyber threat/ Intel industry and cybercrime. The relationship is symbiotic. This is part of the reason why the industry tries to control all the regulations put on it.

The labor crunch is so bad that companies providing the US government Intel are hiring perpetually unqualified people with angry political aspirations for short term contracts. These people take what they learn, new tools, and active Intel to their new positions when their contract ends. A number of private contractors work with foreign governments as well as having US government contracts.

They work for foreign governments, the US Congress, and people that have no right to information that shapes foreign policy.

Who Runs the CIA? Outsiders for Hire.

The second you understand that CIA operations, especially intrusive ones in media are no longer overseen or even planned or executed by the alphabet agency, the scarier this becomes.

Your peers and neighbors are deciding what falls under 1st amendment protections for journalist and publications.

They decide what your social status is online and whether or not you should be deplatformed. They are destroying businesses, reputations, livelihoods, and families. These are people that don’t have the legal sanction to do these things.

If and when they can get away with it, some of these actors have been able to get fellow Americans droned. You read it right? Is it legal?


Can you do a citizens CIA operation against people in your town?

Part 3 will explore the basis of legality which they try to operate on and why it is nonexistent in reality. Following that, I’ll provide the legal remedy according to what they have prepared for the US, EU, and NATO.

After that, we’ll get into real life scenarios showing the damage they are inflicting on our societies and why a remedy must be found in the US Congress. Barring that, the president should take out his magic pen because I guarantee this one issue has so many possibilities to it for destroying civilization, the beast needs to be tamed.

In part 1 I wrote they threatened my family as well as my own life because I write articles about Ukraine, the war in Ukraine, and specifically what is going on in Donbass (LNR).

Congress won’t want to move because they are fascinated by dabbling in Intel and what these games can do for them come election time.

Screw the politics. Both sides of the aisle are playing this game. All the pigs are sucking at the same lobbyist tit and selling Americans and the world out in the process.- Why Vault 7 Tools Used by Private Contractors Shows US Intel Needs a Ground-Up Rebuild- It’s the News- Part 2