How to Keep Your Website Fresh

We all know that Google recently released an update in their algorithm, and that it will severely be taking into consideration the Freshness of your content. This is something that is hard to do but Google has always loved content and really it was only a matter of time before something like this happened.

So how do you keep your website fresh? Well there is the route of constantly updating your homepage content, but let’s face it, that is time consuming and pretty boring, it is just a rewrite of what was already there. You should do that occasionally now Google released their fresh update but there is something else you should be doing too.

Blogs have always been a good idea to have and it is because if you are running your blog correctly, then you are generating content almost constantly, which is great for SEO and according to the freshness factor, it still is.

The one problem is that it can be very difficult and demanding to constantly knock out blog posts, so I wish to share with you a site that will allow you to keep on top of Google.

The website is called MyBlogGuest, the gist of the site is that bloggers go to the site and submit their articles and those with a blog will make an offer to publish it on their site. The website has a tonne of different categories which are almost constantly updated. If you want to submit your own articles to be published on other sites, then you have to pay to unlock full membership. A free membership will allow you to make offers on articles and publish them on your own site.

I use MyBlogGuest, and I have had a few problems in the past, for example a few of my articles were stolen, and a few were also edited. The administration team are easy to contact and really go above and beyond to offer help to all of their users. There must have been a rise in articles being stolen and this has been fixed, previously there was a preview section where a lot of the article would be shown. Now there is only a snippet of writing shown to protect the content from being stolen. Also, when one of my articles was modified without consent, I notified the administrations team and they contacted the user which resulted in the article being deleted from his blog and returned to the article gallery on MyBlogGuest.

MBG have helpfully created a video and if I haven’t explained the platform very well, their video definitely will, here is a link to the video:


Googles’ algorithm practically bullies all websites to conform to what they believe to be a good website, and whilst we bow down to Googles’ demands, we must find a way to better our website. MyBlogGuest allows your website to be updated as regularly as you want, without the tedious task of actually writing the content.

This article was written by Lewis Austin, he is the social media manager for SEO Positive, if you would like some more information about SEO Positive, then follow their regularly updated blog and Twitter profile.