Five Myths Debunked Surrounding Internet Providers

Many myths exist in the world of internet providers, and with just a simple search online, you’ll see that many of them have been disproven. Here are five of the most common misconceptions about internet providers.

The Cost of Bandwidth

Many publications claim that it’s the high cost of bandwidth which has resulted in numerous companies imposing usage caps on their customers. But how accurate is that statement? A report released by Plum Consulting in 2011 revealed that the costs of meeting rising customer demand have been grossly overestimated by internet providers. In fact, it was discovered that some broadband companies were actually inflating their prices by a thousand percent or more. The actual cost of internet traffic weighs in at a few pennies per gigabyte, says the report. And yet, customers are paying from twenty cents to over ten dollars per gigabyte with various ISPs.

Usage-Based Billing, Or Double Billing?

Many internet providers offer packages which feature usage-based billing. This makes it easier for customers to choose the exact amount of internet they need so that they don’t pay more for the service than they have to. Or does it? If you have internet, the package you chose was most likely based on speed. And all connection types have inherent limits. But some ISPs are considering either the insertion of new tiers of service or usage limits in order to further increase their revenue. Unfortunately, this would also cause a double billing situation, as the customer would be paying for their usage in addition to having already paid for their service based on speed level.

Internet Speed Test Accuracy

Some customers will lament about their internet provider not providing the speed they promised when they signed up, citing results from one of the many web sites that test the speed of your internet connection for free. But how fast the requested information reaches your computer depends on the route it took to get there. So even if you have the fastest connection available, if there’s a traffic jam on the information highway or a web site is having loading issues, the information will take longer to reach you. Speed tests always use the same path – their web site directly to your computer – in order to measure speed. The other data you request online will not.

A Computer’s Age Will Not Affect Internet Speed

You might think you got that older computer for a steal. After all, you’re only going to use it to surf the net and check your email once in awhile. In reality, the age and speed of your computer will directly affect the performance of your internet connection. And you’ll really notice how much the age of your computer affects your surfing experience when you try and view online video or stream a radio station. Internet content is becoming more sophisticated by the day, and without a computer that can handle that increasing complexity, users with older computers will definitely miss out.

Getting High Speed Internet Without Paying For It

With all of these internet myths being debunked, it’s certainly easy to think that your internet providers have the secret unlimited internet speed, and that you can reveal it. As a result, there are many who say that it’s possible for you to ‘unlock’ your cable modem. While it was once possible to hack into some cable modems to get around usage limits, technology has evolved to the point where this is no longer possible. And when you think about it, it’s not likely that a circumvention of data limits would be invisible to any ISP.

Jesse Schwarz describes himself as a serial entrepreneur dedicated to helping consumers find the best products and services online, especially in the internet providers and related industries.