Saturday, April 18, 2015

Web Hosting

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Cloud computing is not a new concept , in fact many major technology companies like Amazon and Google have been using it, and offering...

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Tablets are slowly eroding netbook sales, but in the web hosting industry, they may eventually return with a vengeance. This time around, data centers...

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Many myths exist in the world of internet providers, and with just a simple search online, you'll see that many of them have been...

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The cloud has been with us for some time now and growth for the Software as a Service (SaaS) market is extremely positive for...

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by Jasmine S
Have you ever wondered how your favorite sites – Facebook, YouTube and Google - handle the vast traffic that they receive every day? What is it that enables them to cope with the millions of...

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by Jonathon Linnell
Cloud computing is growing in popularity among companies, but businesses may not be aware of the differences between cloud hosting and dedicated hosting. Understanding the differences can lead to...

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by Garen Arnold
If a web page does not load within 5 to 8 seconds, you run the risk of losing a big chunk of your visitors to your site, an estimated 60%! When you lose this much traffic you can kiss your...

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by Dan Cash
Those who know know that the cloud is going to be the next industry shake-up which redefines how we think about how we use computer technology. First it was the Apple Mac and desktop PC...

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by Jonathan Piggins
Cloud Computing is one of the newest developments in Information Technology that is really helping those with a small business. Cloud computing is an umbrella term that groups a wide range...

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by Roko Nastic
Any small business hoping to establish a lucrative online presence needs to find the right web host. But how does a small business know which host is best? And what essential features are required from a web host?

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by Kevin Gibbons
It is perhaps easiest to think of cloud computing as the IT equivalent of the national grid, which supplies electricity on demand in a scalable manner to businesses and individuals from a centralised, shared platform. This is a simplistic overview of cloud computing, but in essence the purpose of the cloud is to...

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Guest Post by Garen Arnold from Best Web Hosting Service
What should you consider when looking for the best web hosting plan? Important factors include disk space, data transfer, and programming language support. Make sure you get the plan that fits with your requirements.