US losing military edge to China, experts warn Senate

The Pentagon needs an overhaul of its arms buying system before completely losing military edge to countries like China, experts have warned the US Senate.

Last week, President Barack Obama signed the 2016 “defense policy bill” which is laden with reform measures aimed at establishing a revamped weapons acquisition system, but lawmakers have said they want more radical changes.

Testifying before members of the Senate Armed Services Committee on Tuesday, experts said that under the current regulations, the Pentagon is struggling to keep talented workers and is falling behind other nations.

As an example, the committee was warned that in night vision technology, the US has lost its reign to France. The experts said that strict export controls have driven countries away from the US, turning them to competitors like China.

The comments echo the former director of the US Missile Defense Agency, who said in August that China is developing a missile program that would allow the country to destroy “nearly all of our space assets.”



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