IBM to build UK fingerprints database


The Identity and Passport Service (IPS) has contracted IBM to build a database to support the Government’s switch to biometric passports.IBM will also provide a replacement for the UK Border Agency’s (UKBA) Immigration and Asylum Fingerprint System (IAFS) which holds biometrics collected from visa applicants under a 7 year contract.

The projects will lay the foundations for the UK ID card programme.

James Hall, Chief Executive of the Identity and Passport Service, said, “This contract will provide a secure database for storing facial and fingerprint images for the next generation of biometric passports and will support the delivery of the National Identity card.”

As Computer Weekly has previously reported, the UK passport and national identity card programmes have effectively been merged. Passport application fees could rise to as much as £200 to support the project.

  • Dan

    Interesting, Ibm and the Holocaust. Fatherland, Homeland, what is the difference?

  • karl

    Interesting indeed, especially when the media have been implying that the scheme may not be implemented. Which is strange when you consider that they have extended the trial from just 1 city to the whole of the north west of England. This biometric ID is very unpopular so i think it will be introduced as stealthily as possible in true New Labour style. People are already angry and this might just be a step to far. The message is: if we cant put your fingerprints, iris scans etc on our database you are not free to leave the country – effectively making a prisoner of the UK. Nice :(

  • Scott

    And has anyone come to notice how they have begun pressuring people to give there finger prints and dna in hospitals and police centres, i went to make a statement last week "funny enough, against a violent police offical who had covered his badge's and was assulting a friend of mine at a recent protest in brighton and they had the nerve to ask for my finger print.

    it was not given of course, the fact is that this is not only becoming an issue in the North west but i have been hearing far too much of it in Brighton South- East as well.

    they may aswell be sneaking in our bedrooms and branding us with barcodes.