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The New World Order Dietitians


Here is a chance to see what goes on at a global dietitians conference. A walk through the 16th International Congress of Dietetics located in Sydney, Australia. I was astounded by the amount of sponsors from multinational corporations that support GMO foods.

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The New World Order Prototype Citizen

As I already showed in these columns, Alexis de Tocqueville is the best commentator of the modern agenda of alienation, giving aristocratic critics to the American matrix which starts its nuisances at the beginning of the nineteenth century. Tocqueville foresees ...

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Is this the end of traditional governments?

In the first chapter of David Rothkopf’s “Superclass: The Global Power Elite and the World They Are Making,” the author quotes Mark Malloch Brown, a British minister of state and former deputy secretary-general of the United Nations, recalling what it ...

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Out of the ashes: A New World Order

Global elite signal declining superpower status of the United States, rise of new order By Daniel Taylor Comment: French TV was kind enough to inform us about the true decision makers behind Davos – the Bilderberg group. A video clip ...

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War and the ‘New World Order’

By Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya “We are now at the year 1908, which was the year that the Carnegie Foundation began operations. And, in that year, the trustees meeting, for the first time, raised a specific question, which they discussed throughout ...

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