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Should You Have Live Chat on Your Website?


Live chat windows are becoming an ever more present feature of web browsing. As they become more widespread, business owners inevitably ask themselves, ‘should I have live chat on my website?’ Virtual sales assistant Having live chat integrated with your ...

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Understanding Customers

by Nitin Aggarwal
Do you ever wonder who your customer is? I mean what are his likes and dislikes? Why must he buy from you? What do you offer which is irresistible?

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5 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Myths

by Workbooks
The ‘one size fits all’ approach is common with companies investing in CRM – and it is too often pushed by those selling CRM software – but it’s not the right way to get the best out of it. Before investing in any CRM package, there are questions to be answered.

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Consumer Feedback Increasingly Important

by Annie Wallace
Consumer feedback can have a profound impact on your business. When consumers talk to you about their experiences, both positive and negative, you get a comprehensive understanding of the service you are providing. There are a wide variety of ways you can receive customer feedback, but knowing how to encourage it can be a more difficult task.

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Using Facebook to Build Relationships and Customer Loyalty

Guest Post by Kirsty LaVier of Shopping Cart Reviews Facebook is now the busiest site on the web, with daily visitors surpassing even that of Google. And, luckily for business owners, Facebook is opening doors for building relationships with their ...

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