Charlie Rose Interview with the President of Iran

You can see the media conditioning at work.

To Rose’s credit, he doesn’t froth at the mouth like a rapid dog (or Columbia University’s president.) He manages to keep himself in check.

Rose’s stamina is impressive.

For a full hour, he presents one propaganda fantasy after another as fact and never seems to tire. I’m sure whoever writes his checks (note the country he emphasizes at the very end of the program) was happy with his performance.


– Scott Ritter, September 25, 2007

I just got back from a talk by Scott Ritter about the Bush administration’s plans to attack Iran.

Who is Scott Ritter?

He’s the ex-Marine officer and former UN weapons inspector who said during the build up to the Iraq invasion that Iraq DID NOT have weapons of mass destruction.

Ritter was slandered and threatened for expressing this opinion.

He was 100% right.

Ritter was warning Americans as early as 2002 that Bush & Co. were going to invade Iraq. At the time, people thought the very idea was crazy.

He was 100% right.

Now Ritter says that the signs are clear:

Bush & Co. will attack Iran before Bush’s time is up unless they are stopped.

Some facts:

1. Bush already has authorization to order an attack on Iran without asking for approval from Congress. Blanket war powers have already been granted him and unless taken away, he can use them any time on any country.

2. Iran – like Iraq – has no nuclear weapons program.

Nuclear ENERGY program? Yes, but that is far from having a nuclear weapons program.

In fact, UN inspectors have concluded after extensive study and investigation there are no nukes in Iran – but this simple fact is NOT being reported by the US new media.

Instead the US news media is manufacturing claims that the President of Iran has threatened Israel with annihilation and is supplying Iraqi insurgents with weapons (both false claims.)

3. An attack on Iran will not be without consequences to the US.

Iran has three times the population of Iraq and unlike Iraq which was militarily shattered after Gulf War I and over ten years of sanctions and US bombing, Iran has a fully capable conventionally armed military.

In 2006, Hamas – military students of Iran – defeated
a full bore attack by Israel in Southern Lebanon.

Iran can easily shut down the Straits of Hormuz and stop the flow of oil out of the Middle East. Oil has recently been as high as $80 per barrel. A Middle East shutdown could skyrocket the price to $250 per barrel or more,

Great for Bush’s friends in the oil industry.

Disastrous for the US economy.

Remember, Bush & Co. have mastered the art of profiting from catastrophe. Think 9/11, Iraq and New Orleans. Each one of these events has been a massive financial windfall for the
Bush family and their allies.

I will be posting video from Ritter’s talk soon.

In the meantime, you can hear Iran’s president on the Charlie Rose show here:

Stopping the Bush administration from attacking Iran and creating a catastrophe many times bigger than the one they have created in Iraq should be every sane American’s focus until Bush is out of office.

– Brasscheck