Will Trump Resist War Hawks on Iran?


Though President-elect Trump seems ready to reduce tensions with Russia, his consideration of neocon John Bolton as Secretary of State could presage more Mideast warmongering toward Iran, writes Gareth Porter at Middle East Eye.

By Gareth Porter

Post-election comments on Middle East policy last week by President-elect Donald Trump and one his campaign advisers have provoked speculation about whether Trump will upend two main foreign policy lines of the Obama administration in the Middle East.

But the more decisive question about the future of U.S. policy toward the region is whom Trump will pick for his national security team – and especially whether he will nominate John Bolton to become Secretary of State.

Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton.

Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton.

Bolton, one of the most notorious members of Dick Cheney’s team plotting wars in the George W. Bush administration, would certainly push for the effective nullification of the main political barrier to U.S. confrontation with Iran: the 2015 multilateral nuclear deal.

Trump created a minor stir by giving an interview to the Wall Street Journal last Thursday in which he reiterated his criticism of the Obama administration’s involvement in the war against Syria’s Assad and supported cooperation with Russia against the Islamic State group. And a Trump campaign foreign policy adviser once connected with an extremist sectarian Christian militia in Lebanon named Walid Phares suggested in an interview with BBC radio that Trump would demand that Iran “change [a] few issues” in the agreement and that “the agreement as it is right now … is not going to be accepted by a Trump administration”.

The significance of that interview, however, is very unclear. Trump himself had avoided threatening such a move during the campaign, denouncing the nuclear agreement as “disastrous” but avoiding any pledge to renounce it as his Republican rivals Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio had done. In his speech to AIPAC, Trump thundered against the agreement but promised only to enforce it strictly and hold Iran “accountable.”

Trump has consistently embraced the long-standing official U.S. animosity…

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  • Joe Blow

    Many of us are very nervous about this.

  • mehmood mayet

    Jew Bolton must attack Iran . It is the only way to secure Israel

    • gmatch

      We must attack Israel – the self inflicted Jews from all over the World who are squatting on stolen land are the reason for all wars.

  • Lawn Dart

    This is surreal. I knew Trump conned America but the world fell for it? Yes he will when Bibi tells him to.

  • Jimmy Yost

    Trump will do what he’s told to do the same as Bill Clinton, George Bush Jr, and Obama have done. Anyone who thinks differently is living in an illusory world.

  • Raymond sarvarian

    Really there is no one else Trump can choose for Secretary of State? John Bolton? Really Mrs. Trump? At least I thought Trump is antiestablishment and that’s why I voted for him. This guy Bolton is a crazy war monger that has been screaming bomb Iran for at least a 8 years with no evidence that Iran is working to get nuclear weapon and he was proven wrong. I hope Trump will not choose him as his Secretary of State because he will start WW3 because attacking Iran will ignite it.

    • JosephConrad



  • Lawn Dart

    Jerusalem (AFP) – Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman on Wednesday said Donald Trump’s aides were urging right-wing Israeli politicians to curb their public jubilation at his election as US president, Israeli media reported.
    Trump is seen as likely leading to a far more favourable policy toward Israel, though many analysts have cautioned his thinking remains unclear and he has proven himself to be unpredictable.

    “Israel has received messages from Trump transition team to ‘tone down’ their post-election enthusiasm & act with more humility,” the English-language Jerusalem Post’s Herb Keinon wrote on Twitter after Lieberman gave an off-camera briefing to Israeli diplomatic correspondents.
    “I hope that we have enough sense to stop the jubilation and public enthusiasm,” Haaretz Daily quoted Lieberman, of the nationalist Yisrael Beiteinu party, as saying. “It is undoubtedly damaging.”


    So Trump says, “shhhhhhh, you’ll ruin my con.”

  • Lawn Dart

    Lieberman also commented on the appointment of Steve Bannon, who is accused of being anti-Semitic, to serve as senior advisor to president-elect Trump. “It is too early to say if anti-Semitism is on the rise in U.S in wake of the election,” Lieberman said. “To reach conclusions now would be a mistake. Conclusions may only be reached once the new administration is at least three months in office,” he said

    Bannon, the “anti-Semite”, endorsed by the American Nazi Party , spent last weekend as a speaker at David Horowitz’s Restoration Weekend. Strange place for someone who hates Jews. I wonder if the Nazis and KKK were there?

    Lieberman isn’t sure about Bannon. I must have have better Intel with my 7″ tablet and Google.

    • gmatch

      Well, now we know that the Austrian Adolf Hitler was a half Jew, we know that Aryan or Semite has no meaning at all. America will murder, steal and rape continuously, because America is economically and morally bankrupt.

  • Lawn Dart

    I heard somewhere that if the headline ends in a question mark that it’s a pretty safe bet the answer is no.

    Googling “Trump anti Semitism” shows Trump’s genius. He got branded by the left wing media with his Star of David tweet, “international bankers” rant on “coded” ads. They were on him like white on rice and still are. Locks in the Nazi/KKK vote. He didn’t have to suck up to AIPAC like Cruz and Rubio because the fix was in. And he can deny it all. I suppose “Make America Great Again” was a better sell than “Make Israel Ersatz Israel”.

    I’m guessing it won’t be Bolton. He doesn’t need him and everyone will breathe a sigh of relief. Keep it subtle. America got punked.

  • gmatch

    No, he won’t. Trump is working with the Jewish thuggery of America and they have already decided to steal 75 billion Dollar from the Iranian population. Trump will be just another Bush-Bama.

  • hvaiallverden

    BrieitFart, anti-Semitic, you gotta be kidding, right, Brit-fart is everything but anti-Semitic.
    This is an diversion tactic, to make them uhh….. “credible” as an opposition, witch si what they want, since Beit-fart is their tool, you can easy spot it on some of their writings.
    The ONLY anti-Semitic I read is the constant hate against Palestinians, whom is terrorists, right f….. otherwise they are all ZioTurd butt spreaders.

    Neo-Nazis, well, in Ukraine, they where lead by an Jew.
    The EDL, aka the English defense league is/was run by an Jew.
    In France the Neo-Nazis where run by jews.
    Our very own terrorist whom slaughtered the Norce youths are an “friend of Israel” and the reason for the attach was Palestine, did His duty as an good Israeli friend, and that man is an hero in Brit-fart world.
    And so on.
    Wanna debate, freaks.

    Tel me, disciples of cognitive dissonance, where is your ability to remember news are worse than Bugs.

    And Trump, is an Israel bitch, the ONLY question is how MUCH of an whore is He.
    I know the great war is coming, since they are down in Syria and more or less out of Iraq, they have Iran left, as in Yemen they will do what it takes to either them self, aka the Imperial banana republics own actions against it, like this “missile attach” witch nobody believed anyway from Yemen, and the blame gamers blamed Iran for everything all toe the blockade is everywhere, and is killing children as we speak but weirdly anuf, even the MSM whom is whining about everything is dead silent about Yemen, the same tactics as against Palestine, the MSM creates an black hole, and they never write the truth, never have and so far, never will, incl Breit-farts.
    And this blockade is an crime against humanity but hey, they are just Arabs.

    I know He will no matter what, strart an war against Iran.
    Wanna bet.


  • chris

    what is it with the IRAN is a threat idiocy???????????????? its gone on too long and has no basis in reality. no one from the bush crime family yrs should even be considered for a place in the govt.

  • Darkwing

    Tramp, sorry Trump, will have to go to war, jew land will insist on it, after all we must protect jew land and the $4 billion that congress is giving them every year