Top 4 ways that voter fraud occurs in Philly

and How Poll Watchers and Minority Inspectors Can Stop It

By Alex Pavolini

Please share this with anyone you now working to elect Trump in Philly.

*Poll Watchers have the right to view the books and the backs of the machines when there is no line. They also have the right to and opening and closing inspection. They may ask for inspections while there is a line, but may be lawfully refused by the Poll Workers as long as voters are waiting in line to vote.

*Minority Inspectors can only be expected to do the right thing in exchange for an anonymously paid reward of at least $200 (the more the better depending on location). They must be aware of existing rewards, because that is unique to this election. There will likely be immense social pressure and accusations of being an “Uncle Tom” if they take the risk of reporting.

1. Election workers will cast votes before the polls open or after they close.

Poll watchers must be waiting outside of the voting locations when the doors open and bypass the line to inspect the machine. The count on the back should be at “0”. If it is not call the DA’s election task force and they will send detectives to the scene immediately.

The poll watcher must also look at the number at the close of polls and note the time, then note any change when results are announced for that division. If there is any discrepancy alert the DA and City Commission. They can look at the time stamps on the hard…

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