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Royal wedding mania has hit fever pitch as royal enthusiasts descend on Windsor to pitch their tents and camp out ahead of tomorrow’s nuptials.

The prized spots in the town center, many vacated by the area’s homeless who had been told to leave ahead of the big day, have been filled by monarchists since Wednesday, hoping to secure a good view on the big day.

But not everyone is so keen on the Queen, hot for Harry, or amazed by Meghan. So we trawled the Twittersphere to bring you some of the best anti-royal wedding comments.

The political:

Something dodgy is afoot according to this tweet. Is Theresa May stacking the House of Lords in her favor all while we drape Union Jacks around our shoulders and raise a glass of Pimms for the next royal couple? Probably.

Or how about some “actual gammon” turning up in Windsor to support Megs and Harry, instead of your hard Brexit-loving Uncle Richard.

Meanwhile, Oakhampton Labour thinks the royal wedding may drown out the recent developments over Sergei Skripal. Don’t worry, we got the latest details here.

A recent poll by YouGov found that most Brits thought the royal wedding was “pointless.”

The cost:

Royal expenditure footed by taxpayers is always a guaranteed way to inspire ire. Why fund a wedding when you can spend £30 million ($40.4 million) on a storage shed in the capital?

Or maybe get the Queen’s stud out to win some money on the GGs

Weddings: A time for giving advice.

Put down the can of Slimfast. Lose the pounds the easy way by reading the Mail on Sunday’s wedding pullout special.

For all you kids not studying for your GCSEs, remember – you could end up like this guy. So, turn off the BBC’s rolling updates on the wedding cake and open a book.

Weddings are also a perfect time to teach and traumatize your children.

The miscellaneous:

Are your kids going to a royal-wedding-themed party this weekend? Are you secretly shuddering at the prospect of dressing them up like Disney princesses? Why not go as Uncle Mao instead!

It’s not the royal wedding so much that annoys people, more so the constant viewing of former-royal butler Paul Burrell’s “smug moonface.”

And finally, let us not forget who had the original royal wedding.

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Via RT. This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license.