Swedish World Cup Fans Injured After Gunman Opens Fire on Crowd at Malmö Café

At least five World Cup fans have been shot after a gunman opened fire on a crowd watching football at a cafe in Malmö, Sweden, according to reports.

A shooter is said to have fired up to 20 bullets into the coffee shop which was screening the country’s win over South Korea earlier today, according to local media.

Officials said the motive for the terrifying attack is unknown while the condition of those wounded is also not clear.

There has been no confirmation as to what happened to the shooter although police have assured the public that there is no cause for further alarm.

“We have sealed off the area and are conducting interviews and will interview those who are injured if they can or are willing to speak,” police spokesman Stephan Soderholm said.

According to newspaper Sydsvenskan, three of those hurt have been seriously injured.

Pictures show multiple emergency vehicles and officers at the scene which has been cordoned off.

Witnesses told newspaper Aftonbladet they heard what sounded like 15 to 20 shots at about 6.15pm local time in the city centre.

The shooting took place next to a police station so officers were on the scene immediately, according to the news outlet.





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