Shocking Flaws in Gardasil Trial Design

By Dr. Mercola

To say that the HPV vaccine is controversial would be a serious understatement. A number of experts have spoken out against the vaccine since its release, and studies have revealed serious problems. Children and teenagers have died or been permanently disabled following HPV vaccination, yet it remains on the market.

The featured 2017 trilogy, “Sacrificial Virgins,” looks at the HPV vaccine from a variety of angles. Part 1,1 “Not for the Greater Good,” questions the science behind the HPV vaccine and asks “Do we need it?”

Part 2,2 “Pain and Suffering,” tells the story of two severely HPV-injured girls in the U.K., highlighting the possibility that the aluminum adjuvant added to Gardasil and Cervarix may be causing the devastating neurological damage seen in young girls and boys.

The third episode,3 “A Penny for Your Pain,” looks at legal cases worldwide (in particular Japan, Spain and Colombia), in which victims are seeking compensation for their injuries.

Clinical Trial Participant Speaks Out Against Gardasil

In December 2017, Slate magazine published an article dishing out yet another inconvenient truth about this medically unnecessary vaccine, revealing trials “weren’t designed to properly assess safety.”4 Slate recounts the story of Kesia Lyng, a 30-year-old Danish woman who, at the age of 19, made the fateful decision to participate in a clinical trial for Merck’s Gardasil vaccine.

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Gardasil is supposed to prevent human papillomavirus (HPV) infection, which in rare cases may cause cervical cancer if left untreated. “Lyng’s grandmother had died of cervical…

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