Roaming Charges: Darn That (American) Dream

Abandoned mill and power plant along the Willamette River, West Linn, Oregon. Photo: Jeffrey St. Clair.

+ If the Democratic race boils down to Biden and Sanders, you’ll have two candidates in their late 70s who voted three times to overthrow Saddam, approved the murderous sanctions on Iraq, supported the illegal war on Serbia, backed the racist and punitive Clinton Crime Bill and fronted a scheme to dump radioactive waste from New England near a small Hispanic town in West Texas.

+ Elizabeth Warren was in Mississippi on Monday talking about abolishing the electoral college, reparations for slavery and Native people, and breaking up the tech behemoths. (She also told the state to get a new flag.) She’s beginning to make Sanders’ speeches sound like the same old nighty-night tales Gramps has been telling the kids for years.

+ I’m not a huge fan of Warren. I don’t like her foreign policy positions or devotion to the Israeli apartheid state. She hasn’t done much on the environment and while she was claiming Native heritage did nothing to stop the DAPL. However, among an uninspiring herd of Democratic candidates she’s saying the most interesting things on the campaign trail and going to places you wouldn’t expect. Mississippi yesterday, Alabama today. Sanders is like a hot air balloon by comparison and one you’ve seen every year at the State Fair since 1965, when most of his ideas were given form.

+ Sen. Mike Gravel: “It’s simply not enough to go back…

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