Prison » Bill Nye Applauds Planned Parenthood for Population Control

Louder With Crowder
May 11th, 2018

Character actor Bill Nye recently praised population control at a Planned Parenthood event. But Planned Parenthood swears population control was only 3% of the speech. Throw in a transexual vs drag queen arm wrestling tournament on the second stage, and it would be like WOKEchella.

From DCNF:

Exploding population levels are driving climate change, Nye said at a Planned Parenthood event in South Texas. One of the best ways to quell that problem, he added, is to find an effective way to prevent women from having children. He went on to applaud the group for their efforts.

And what better way to prevent children than by killing them in the womb?

“What’s the one thing to do about climate change, if you want to think about the big picture? Raise the standard of living of girls and women,” he said, adding that “when you raise the standard of living of girls and women, they have fewer kids.” The abortion provider also sold $5,000 tickets to people interested having lunch with the comic.

Excluding those girls who would’ve grown up to be women had organizations like Planned Parenthood not cut off their heads.

Nye, who has a degree in mechanical engineering but is not a scientist, also heaped praise on Planned Parenthood for its efforts at tackling overpopulation. “The thing that gets me about the time that I grew up in and the time we’re living in now,” he said, “is how fast things have changed, and Planned Parenthood has been here since the very beginning.”

I suppose I should be outraged. Really, I’m just happy the baby butcher shop stopped pretending. Planned Parenthood is a fundraiser away from selling “Margret Sanger: Eugenics Deez Nuts” t-shirts. Or “Planned Parenthood: We Just Aborted Your Future Honor Student” bumper stickers.

The fact that Nye, the abortion factory, and leftists as a whole are starting to let their true…

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