Prison » After Defending MS-13 Murderers, Left Blames NRA For Santa Fe School Shooting

“The NRA is a terrorist organization”

Paul Joseph Watson
May 18, 2018


After a week in which the left defended Hamas terrorists and MS-13 murderers, they are now blaming the NRA for the school shooting in Santa Fe.

At least eight students were killed today inside inside Santa Fe High School by an individual later identified by authorities as another student. A second suspect was also detained.

The shooting took place in an art class on campus between 7:30 and 7:45 a.m. The gunman reportedly used a shotgun.

In usual fashion, the left immediately began exploiting the horrific tragedy to score political points, by blaming the NRA despite the fact that no NRA member has ever been involved in a mass shooting.

This comes after a week in which many on the left repeatedly ran defense for Hamas terrorists by referring to them as “protesters,” as well as their sympathetic treatment of MS-13, a drug cartel that has massacred women and children.

Innumerable leftists wasted no time in attacking the NRA as being culpable for the school shooting, with many declaring the group to be a terrorist organization.

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