PressTV-UK to deport war veteran suffering from PTSD

A former Commonwealth soldier who fought in Afghanistan with the British Army and suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder has been detained before being deported to Jamaica.

The family of Twane Morgan say he knows no one in Jamaica and believe his deportation will lead to a serious decline in his mental health, as well as leaving his five children, who are all British, without a father.

Morgan has been battling a deportation order for more than six years, after serving a prison term for stabbing his ex-partner’s father who attacked him with a hammer while the pair were drinking.

The deportation is in line with Home Office (interior ministry) policy which stipulates any foreign national who has served more than one year in prison is automatically liable for deportation.

The soldier has been booked a ticket for a flight to Jamaica on February 15, according to members of his family who blamed the British army for the situation.


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