PressTV-Thousands of US teachers rally for higher wages

Thousands of teachers in the US state of North Carolina have rallied to demand higher pay, greater spending on education and better working conditions, as teachers’ strikes continue to spread across the US.

The teachers marched on the state Capitol on Wednesday, chanting, “Remember, remember, we vote in November” as the session at the state legislature got underway.

At least 38 school districts in North Carolina, representing more than half of the state’s 1.5 million public school students, were closed due to the protests.

The salary of teachers in the state ranks among the lowest in the country. The North Carolina Association of Educators is calling for per-student spending and teacher pay to be raised to at least the national average.

North Carolina the sixth state in which teachers’ have publicly protested to bring attention to the state of education in the United States.

Teacher walkouts this year have already occurred in West…

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