PressTV-May accused of hypocrisy after naming 9 Tory peers

British Prime Minister Theresa May has been accused of hypocrisy and cynicism after naming nine new Tory peers to the House of Lords in order to bolster party following recent Brexit defeats.

Among peers there are former cabinet ministers Sir Eric Pickles and Peter Lilley as well as former MPs, including Sir Edward Garnier, Sir John Randall, Sir Alan Haselhurst and Andrew Tyrie.

Critics described as “frankly pathetic” the Friday announcement, which was made on the eve of the royal wedding, saying the move aimed to reduce opposition to her flagship Brexit legislation in the upper chamber.

The nominations, which will tilt the balance of the chamber somewhat in favor of May, will take her party’s total of peers from 244 to 253.

“These appointments show the PM isn’t serious about reforming the Lords and smacks of hypocrisy,” said Dick Newby, Liberal Democrat leader in the Lords.

“This is a desperate grab for power by a regime…

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