PressTV-Growing US inequality poses threat to democracy: Study

The United States remains segregated along racial lines and child poverty has worsened, posing a threat to democracy in the a country, according to study released 50 years after a landmark civil rights report in 1968.

The study, made public on Tuesday, examines the nation 50 years after the release of a landmark report by the Kerner Commission, which was established by former US President Lyndon B. Johnson to investigate the causes of the 1967 race riots in the United States and to provide recommendations for the future.

The study blames American policymakers and elected officials, saying they’re not doing enough to heed the warning on deepening inequality and poverty that was highlighted by the Kerner Commission five decades ago and it lists areas where the country has seen “a lack of or reversal of progress.”

“Racial and ethnic inequality is growing worse. We’re resegregating our housing and schools again,” said former Democratic US Senator…

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