PressTV-Explosion, fire at Texas chem plant injures 20

A fire and explosion at a Texas chemical manufacturing plant has reportedly left one person missing and 20 others injured, officials said as cited by local news outlets.

The blast and the ensuing roaring fire occurred Saturday morning at the Kuraray America Eval factory in the city of Pasadena. The plant specialized in “chemical, fiber and resin production,” according to a local TV news broadcast.

This is while the company announced in a statement posted on its official Facebook page that only six people at the plant were receiving treatment for non-life-threatening injuries and all onsite employees had been accounted for.

Factory authorities further confirmed “that a fire occurred at the company’s EVAL facility in Pasadena, Texas,” around 10:43 a.m. local time, adding that the fire had been put out and there was “no threat to the surrounding area.”

“At the time of the incident, approximately 250 employees and contract personnel were…

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