PressTV-Bolton reshuffling Trump’s national security team

Barely a week since accepting his new job, US President Donald Trump’s newly-appointed National Security Adviser, John Bolton, is considering far more changes to the national security team at the White House than he has already made.

Since taking office last Monday, Bolton has fired or forced to retire four senior aides on the National Security Council (NSC) and officials aware of the situation have revealed that more changes will come as soon as the veteran Republican forms his own team.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, current and former administration officials told the Hill that although Bolton had already made most of the big changes that he wanted, there were many mid-level aides who expected to get the axe from him.

This is the second major reshuffle of the NSC in the past 15 months, after Bolton’s predecessor, General H. R. McMaster, turned upside down the council’s lineup.

McMaster had just completed his reshuffle when…

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