MSNBC Blames Trump For Media Taking His MS-13 Comments Out Of Context

“He certainly didn’t make that clear”

Steve Watson
May 18, 2018

After the mainstream media uniformly suggested that the President was referring to all immigrants as “animals,” rather than the gang members he was actually talking about, MSNBC blamed Trump for the “confusion”.

Host Andrea Mitchell introduced a segment as “President Trump lashing out during an immigration roundtable at the White House and stirring controversy over his harsh rhetoric toward immigrants, branding them ‘animals.’”

She then clarified “But the White House now says he was referring to the criminal immigrant gang MS-13, not to all immigrants. Though he didn’t say so. He certainly didn’t make that clear.”

To those who watched the entire video, the context was crystal clear:

Mitchell also proclaimed to her guest, without any evidence to back up the statement, that “whether you’re talking about MS-13 or not, or all immigrants, he’s certainly used the animal phrase quite liberally and frequently when talking about illegal immigrants.”

Political analyst Elise Jordan admitted he had to give Trump “the benefit of doubt on this one because it did seem to be in reference to MS-13.”

However, Jordan STILL blamed Trump, noting “that said, the reason that I feel the comments were incendiary is because he’s said so many other things in the past that were really inappropriate and horrible.”

“It’s such a contentious media environment because he has had so much racially charged language that this was, I feel like, blown a little bit out of proportion when it was about MS-13.” Jordan added.

The rest of the broadcast continued in this fashion, with hosts and guests blaming the President for the media taking his comments out of context, claiming that Trump has said racist things about immigrants in the past.

Reacting to the issue, Trump said on Thursday…

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