Hillary Least Popular Dem With Blacks Since 1960

Hillary Clinton has the lowest support among African-Americans as a Democratic presidential candidate since 1960.

The former Secretary of State only has around 73% of support from blacks, which is alarming for a Democratic candidate; usually a Democrat, win or lose, captures on average 87% of African-American support during a presidential election.

Before Hillary, the lowest since 1960 was Jimmy Carter with 83% during the 1980 election, which he lost to Ronald Reagan.

“Clinton recently spoke before a Black Baptist convention and was only able to fill 20% of the seats placed in the room,” reporter citizen-journalist Kevin Collins. “…The faked polls can say what they want, but Hillary Clinton is in deep trouble with exactly the groups she will need if she expects to win in November.”

With Hispanic voters, Clinton is only leading Trump by around 10 points, 46.8% to 36.2%.

And as Infowars reported earlier, voters are now more interested in Hillary’s numerous health problems than her political views.

The top Google searches related to Hillary include the terms “seizure,” “dead,” and “age,” according to Google’s autocomplete function.

In other words, people searching for Hillary Clinton are doing so due to her recent collapse at the 9/11 memorial and are…

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