Globalist McMaster Purges Trump Loyalists, Protects Obamaites

President Donald Trump’s controversial National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster (shown), a Bilderberg attendee and a member of the globalist swamp known as the Council on Foreign Relations, is firing key Trump loyalists within the administration who seek to protect the president and implement his “America First” agenda, according to multiple sources and reports. One of the pro-Trump victims of the national security adviser’s purge was reportedly fired just for highlighting in a report the unholy alliance against the president by Islamists and globalists.

By contrast, McMaster is said to be protecting and elevating radical Obama appointees dedicated to globalism, neoconservativism, and the infamous “swamp” that Trump promised to drain. Indeed, McMaster sent a letter to Susan Rice, Obama’s extreme national security adviser, waiving legal requirements and promising her continued access to classified information — a month after the start of a congressional investigation into her involvement in lawlessly unmasking the identities of Americans whose communications were intercepted.

Much of McMaster’s scheming has been happening without Trump’s knowledge, inside sources and reports said. But now, with scandal swirling around the national security adviser, Trump is reportedly thinking of replacing McMaster and sending him off to Afghanistan. And among Trump’s supporters, a movement of sorts aimed at getting McMaster and other establishment globalists fired is…

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