Video: Rashid Khalidi: Obama’s Condemnation of Israeli Occupation Doesn’t Match His Last 8 Years in Office

1054 – During Wednesday’s press conference, President Obama warned that the expansion of Israeli settlements was making a two-state …

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  • Brother Nature

    Obama is a Semitic Arab, a Jew/Israeli, same difference. He’s just another puppet of Israel. Obama wrote a check for $35 billion to Israel, need more proof of Obama’s allegiance? No biggie. I’m not paying for it, won’t earn a dime in taxable income until the Clintons are in prison, Israel’s brought to justice for masterminding and perpetrating Jewish ritual mass murder on 9/11, the hemp prohibition is lifted, the fed ended, and bankruptcy is filed on all US debt as all US debt was borne in talmudic fraud. No way I’m enabling the monkey junkies, period.

  • Jerry Hamilton

    You think Obama was bad? Trump is probably the most pro Israel POTUS you could ever have.