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Russian security forces shoot 3 suspects dead

Agence France-Presse Russian security forces yesterday shot dead three people suspected of organizing the suicide bombings in the Moscow metro. Security forces attempted to detain the three, but killed them after they fired back. “Unfortunately, we were not able to ...

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Libya air crash inquiry under way

Aviation officials in Libya are investigating the plane crash that killed 103 people at Tripoli airport. The flight recorders have been recovered and handed over to analysts for clues on what brought down the Afriqiyah Airways flight on Wednesday. Police ...

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No More Investment Banks

Turn Them Into Public Utilities      By Mike Whitney     “If you made it past the credit crisis, you are not making it past the economic carnage.” Meredith A. Whitney, market analyst at Oppenheimer & Company  Information Clearinghouse” | It worked. So ...

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System Failure and the Need for Revolution

by Raymond Lotta | The most serious financial crisis since the Great Depression shows no sign of letting up. The financial edifice of U.S. imperialism is in danger of crumbling. The U.S. ruling class is confronting what Federal Reserve chairman ...

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Solutions for a Sustainable World

TNI | The Schumacher lectures are traditionally held in Bristol but have now branched out so that Schumacher North, based in Leeds, also organises the series. They occupy a day, with three people delivering lectures and a final panel. My companions ...

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