Video: New Intercept Exposé Uncovers SEAL Team 6’s Ghastly Trail of Atrocities, Mutilations, Killings

3589 – A stunning new exposé published today in The Intercept about the elite military unit SEAL Team 6 reveals a darker side of the group …

Via Youtube

  • Joe Blow

    No surprize hey? We are the biggest terrorists in the world. Doing it all for the Zionist bankers. ?

    • garwain

      Zionist Bankers rubbing their hands with glee

    • gmatch

      Everybody who beats an American fascist to death does peace work. Gush America is filled with filthy mindless scum.

      • chris

        correction , the american govt is full of scum.

      • Joe Blow

        Our government has been the terrorists. Our people are strong, but victims of the same mind control found worldwide. This waking process we are all going through will bring about the great changes all peacemakers have been looking for.

    • Hank

      Imagine a foreign nation’s covert ops killing Americans for sport. Actually when you learn about the dancing Israelis on 911 that might be true(Israelis covertly killing Americans!). It will ALWAYS sicken me to see how so many Americans are so brainwashed to accept the US military as a benign force in the world. “America right or wrong!” The soldiers themselves may be good guys basically, but the civilian leadership needs to be hauled before a tribunal on war crimes! When the US pushes its weight around, we are ALL threatened!

      • Joe Blow

        I must be careful when I say “We” because the limited space in a comment box precludes this. The “We” I am alluding to of course is the New World Order Neo Cons, and the secret and not so secret societies with dark agendas, not the citizens in general.

        Just like any animal, humans are vulnerable to mind control through lies, misdirection, operant conditioning, etc. This is exampled in the frightened liberal left’s over reaction to Mr. Trump’s honesty of going up against the establishment.

        If we see them as the “enemy” and not victims of mind control then we are no better then they are. Just as in raising a child, one needs to be firm and fair about misbehavior.

  • hvaiallverden

    I dont watch this, I know what I need to know, but once again, to any average wankee this is just good old fashion war porn and they looove it, dont think for an second wankees care, they like that, been the man killing ordinary people, so just dont wank on you computer wankees.


  • gmatch

    The US Nazi film industry embellishes those crimes! US uniformed personal or contractors are insane murderers just like the Nazi Storm Troopers.

    It is time to get rid of the US scum.

    • chris

      stop waving around nazi’s. look to the allies and their atrocities.

    • Ken Rose

      gmatch = Zionist indoctrinated scum?

  • Ken Rose

    The bottom line: As atrocious as this activity may seem to a student or accountant, the real world is very dangerous. There is a real need for Special Ops teams like ST6. Walk a mile in their shoes and then criticize.

    I also note that unlike Project Veritas he presents no evidence; it all sounds like hearsay!.

  • John Conner

    Nothing new, America has always been baby killers..just think these are now your city cops.

  • tom

    All the people killed in the Middle East “justified” by a lie- 911! Why aren’t the liars behind bars? Mass murder IS a crime whether you call it war or not. If you REALLY have balls Trump put these monsters where they belong!