If you’re plugged into broadcast media or social media, your thoughts are not your own

If you are plugged into broadcast media or the internet, your thoughts are not your own. You’re being constantly bombarded by other people’s ideas and narratives, and it doesn’t take long before you think these ideas are your own.

The purpose of the media — both social media and mainstream media — is to distract you from the true power you hold as a free, conscious being with unlimited potential for creativity, innovation and discovery.

By force-feeding your brain false media narratives and endless internet distractions, the status quo institutions of the world (government, media, corporate giants, etc.) prevent you from connecting with your inner self (and your inner power to change the world for the better).

In this podcast, I urge you to disconnect from the system for a few days and see how your consciousness expands. After a few days away from all media distractions, your thoughts will begin to originate from WITHIN (rather than being externally sourced).

The sad truth is that nearly 100% of what mainstream people think and speak on a day-to-day basis is nothing more than ideas and memes that have been inserted into their consciousness by mainstream media and social media.

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Reprinted on RINF Alternative News with permission from
Natural News.