‘Racism is apparent in US police force’

There is apparent racism by police departments throughout the United States, says a commentator.

“With regards to the police shootings inside America, and the latest one being with the Jamar Clark,…the tragic nature about this is there are too many African Americans dying and just African Americans. You see this apparent racism by police departments throughout the United States,” said James Morris, editor of America-Hijacked.com in a Monday interview with Press TV.

His comments come on the heels of racial protests in the US city of Minneapolis, where scores of Americans took to the streets on Sunday over the fatal police shooting of young, African American citizen, Jamar Clark, last weekend.

Police have said officers were responding to an assault call and found Clark interfering with paramedics last Sunday. Authorities say there was a struggle and he was shot. Some people in the community say they saw him handcuffed at the time of the shooting.

Protesters have been calling for the release of videos of the incident ever since, but authorities say there is footage from multiple sources and that making the recordings public would compromise their investigations.

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