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Obama Uses Google Plus To Expand Social Media Presence

Doing slightly better with social media than McDonalds, tonight President Obama logged on to Google Plus to answer questions in an effort to expand the White House presence on social media networks.

The event was the Oval Office’s first virtual “Hangout”, where Obama appeared for a 45-minute live video chat, answering live and pre-selected questions submitted via Google and Youtube.

Besides answering questions, the President also promised to help one potential voter find a job.

One woman, Jennifer Weddel of Fort Worth, Texas, told the president that her husband had been an unemployed engineer in the semiconductor industry for three years, to which he responded: “ If you send me your husband’s resume I’d be interested in finding out what’s happening right there.”

18 of the 20 most popular questions relate to marijuana policy,  the war on drugs and the legalization of marijuana use.

“We always try to take the opportunity to get our message out whenever the White House puts out these public forums. It appears to be one of our only opportunities to engage with policy makers and our nation’s leaders on this issue,” said Tom Angell, media relations director for LEAP, a group that advocates the legalization of marijuana and heavily promoted tonight’s chat through Twitter and Facebook.

It’s not the first time Obama has used social media to his advantage, he has previously answered questions on Facebook and Twitter “townhalls”.

Over 133,000 questions were submitted via Google Plus and received over 1.6 million “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” votes on Youtube.

According to Google, 90 million people now subscribe to Google Plus.

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