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10 Tips for Improving Your SEO Results

Search engine optimization is very important for any business or website that wants to become successful and wants to be recognized and noticed more. If you’re wondering what exactly search engine optimization is, I’ll give you a brief description. When ...

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Penguins and Pandas and Google, Oh My!

Penguins and pandas are cute, but they can get you into trouble with the #1 search engine if you’re not careful. Penguin and panda are actually the names of Google algorithms designed to catch spam, duplicate content, and other dishonest ...

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Google Chrome Extensions To Improve Your SEO

In recent times, Google Chrome has gained tremendous popularity among internet users and is widely used browser for internet surfing. Research suggests than about 12% internet users worldwide have switched to using Chrome. With is such wide usage, it natural ...

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What’s In Store With The New Google?

As Google continues to move forward with their Panda and Penguin updates, and as they struggle to stay relevant on the social media networking scene with Google+, many businesses, web masters and SEO consultants alike are also struggling to keep ...

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Is Google+ A Failure?

As a social network, Google Plus was supposed to compete with Facebook and Twitter. It was supposed to step up to the plate and immediately drive users to desert the other networks in favor of Google. It was supposed to ...

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Google Denies Rigging Search Results

Google is widely recognized as the top search engine in the world. Though no one knows quite how, the site consistently positions itself as the most definitive source for computer users looking to find out more about a specific topic. ...

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Google Penguin: More Good than Bad?


Violators Of Guidelines With Google Penguin, Google hopes to get a handle on violators of its Webmaster Guidelines. The aim is to decrease search engine rankings of individual websites that abuse regulations by duplicating content, using keyword stuffing, or participating ...

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SEO – A Website Marketing Powerhouse


SEO has been a hot-button word in the website marketing arena for quite some time.  I still hear on a daily basis, “will search engine optimization help my company?”  The fact of the matter is unless you have a SEO ...

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Thank Goodness for Google Panda


When Google Panda was announced there were all sorts of rumbles of discontent from various quarters about how SEO has become more difficult for them. All sorts of website owners and SEO managers have had a good old moan about ...

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Is PageRank Still A Valuable Metric?

by Modi Mac
Google PageRank is a notion which very often gets misunderstood by the online community. Unlike to what some web site owners think, PageRank is not a metric of SEO success. It’s really odd that many non-technical people tend to give so much value to a notion which...

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The Page Rank & Public Relations in SEO

by Warner Carter
To have a good PR is to have good public relations. Your PR is your badge to those who judge your site, sending them the message that you’re in the position to talk about your niche. That’s where public relation comes in. What kills a content-loaded blog is the absence of link building in its SEO promotional strategy. Even if you’re the...

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Could Your Web Page Speed And Hosting Be Holding You Back?

by Kara Taylor
In early 2010, Google started using page load speeds as one of the factors in how they determine a website's ranking, making fast, reliable hosting more important than ever. It used to be that the time it took for your website to load only affected one thing: whether potential customers stayed, or left.

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Google To Delete Wi-Fi Data

Google has said it will delete the stolen Wi-Fi data it accidentally collected with unsecured wireless networks in UK Street View cars, and will not face punishment or fines by the British Government.

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Making the Perfect Sandwich – SEO Style

by Jenny Pilley
Now, I don’t mean to kick-start anyone’s hunger pangs, but my colleagues were pretty impressed with my packed lunch the other day. To the normal eye this may have seemed just another normal sandwich; bread and filling. But made with key ingredients, thoughtfulness and a lot of time, I created the ultimate sandwich comprising of freshly baked bread, caramelised onion chutney, rocket and baby spinach salad, peppered ham and slithers of brie.

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Avoiding SEO Disasters

Guest Post by Simon Barnett from Search South | Time and money invested in SEO can certainly pay dividends, but there are some pitfalls that you need to be aware of. When SEO goes wrong, it can cause damage on ...

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Taking It One Step Further: Multilingual SEO

Guest post by Chris Gilchrist from HitReach Web Design in Angus | The United Nations has six official languages, these are Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), English, French, Russia, and Spanish. When most individuals approach SEO, they naturally focus entirely on the ...

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