Obama Questioned On Rev. Wright’s AIDS Sermon

Obama Questioned on Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s AIDS Sermon – Denies Evidence of Genocidal Conspiracy to Save Candidacy

Sandpoint, ID – Barack Obama critics are questioning the candidate’s sudden estrangement from his long-term minister and confidant, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who preached HIV/AIDS is a genocidal conspiracy administered by Anglo-American population controllers primarily targeting non-whites.

The transparency of this racial and political hypocrisy affords Americans a partial view into this closet of skeletons Washington wishes to ignore.

Speaking for the media’s mainstream, ABC News’ Senior National Correspondent, Jake Tapper, wrote (March 14, 2008), “Let’s just say it: some of Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s theories and sermons have been, well, shall we say ‘out there.’ Like, for instance, the notion that the U.S. government started the AIDS virus.” (1)

Obama, quickly closing the closet door between him offered, “I vehemently disagree and strongly condemn the statements that have been the subject of this controversy,” (2)

Right wing opportunist John Hinderaker balked as though the candidate exchanged a pink elephant for an AIDS skeleton. “If a reader had to rely on Obama’s post,” Hinderaker wrote, “he would have no idea what statements” are at issue. 

Hinderaker, with Claremont Institute’s conservative policy think tank continued, “What I’d really like to know more about, though, is Wright’s position on the AIDS virus. He writes that ‘We started AIDS;’ what is that supposed to mean?”

Answering his own rhetorical question, Hinderaker claimed, “Factually, it’s incorrect. I believe that AIDS originated in Africa.”

When has believing anything evidenced a fact? Western civilization once believed the world was flat!

But the show must go on.

Hinderaker-the-magician’s slight-of-hand came next so both Obama’s elephant and Washington’s skeleton suddenly disappeared: “It’s possible that the claim that ‘We started AIDS’ is intended as an indictment of the San Francisco bath house culture that did so much to spread the disease,” he wrote, “but I’ve seen no indication that this is what Wright has in mind.”

Stay focused on his hand. “In any event, San Francisco didn’t ‘start’ the virus. I don’t know how to interpret this claim that ‘we’ started the disease as anything other than an endorsement of the fable that the CIA invented AIDS in a laboratory so as to kill off African-Americans.”

“The AIDS virus originated in African chimpanzees,” admits Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, author of the definitive tomb on this subject, Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola–Nature, Accident or Intentional? (Tetrahedron Press, 1998). “Zero candidates have the decency and integrity to discuss how American researchers working under National Cancer Institute contracts, abused chimpanzees from Africa, gay men from Greenwich Village, and Central Africans in Zaire and Uganda between 1972 and 1974. This first hepatitis B vaccine study clearly triggered the global pandemic according to the consensus of irrefutable evidence published in esteemed scientific journals.”

For nearly a decade Dr. Horowitz’s website http://www.originofAIDS.com has freely provided details and documents of these experiments, including his scientific publication in the respected journal of Medical Hypothesis–a peer reviewed periodical based in Britain. “I needed to go out of the United States to publish this scientific evidence,” he laments. “This alone evidences a conspiracy of silence.”

Not only does he argue American agencies, working with pharmaceutical companies, created vaccines tainted with HIV, but they have been suppressing potential cures including oxygenation therapies, chemotherapies using tetrasilver tetroxide (Tetrasil), and the new silver-oxygen hydrosol called OXYSILVER that became Google’s most popular website last week for people searching for natural alternatives to intoxicating vaccines following the government’s admission that inoculations can cause autism. http://www.coasttocoastam.com/shows/2008/03/11.html

Classified government documents, and other incriminating evidence secreted for (allegedly) “national security” reasons by the National Cancer Institute were unearthed by the Harvard-trained public health expert during his three-year independent investigation of this conspiracy theory. Besides combing scientific journals, Dr. Horowitz also interviewed eyewitnesses from Bethesda and Uganda each evidencing related parts of a U.S. government military biological weapons program that develop “synthetic biological agents”–laboratory prepared viruses–identical to HIV by description and function, for the earliest experimental hepatitis B vaccine trials.

More recently, Horowitz produced a feature length documentary showing freely, in its entirety, on Google called In Lies We Trust: The CIA, Hollywood & Bioterrorism. Released by Tetrahedron Films, the company’s website, http://www.inlieswetrust.com, shares files containing many incriminating documents that Washington insiders prefer to neglect.

“Mental midgets and yellow-press journalists like ABC’s Jake Tapper and National Review author Hinderaker ignore the fact that vaccines prepared in African chimpanzees were given to gay men in New York and Central Africans simultaneously between 1972 and 1974 according scientific publications,” Dr. Horowitz said. “That is a scientific fact, political dynamite, vaccine industry nightmare.”

This American origin of AIDS theory was investigated, and rebuked, by the Congress’ investigating arm, the U.S. General Accounting Office (GAO) earlier this decade. Dr. Horowitz was among a handful of experts interviewed by GAO officials during their inquiry into the possibility that HIV, or its precursor, was constructed by biological weapons contractors during a “Special Virus Cancer Program” beginning in the 1960s. Their report entirely neglected Dr. Horowitz’s recorded statements.

Two weeks ago the international AIDS Community, hosted by the UNAIDS Secretariat to the UN Theme Group on AIDS considered censoring Dr. Horowitz’s works, his websites, along with a half dozen of his colleagues’ publications alleging lacking scientific support for their AIDS-origin claims.

In response, Dr. Horowitz sent them a copy of his Medical Hypothesis journal article and wrote, “For all we know, . . . the hepatitis B vaccine produced initially in chimpanzees and rhesus monkeys between 1970 and 1974, not the polio vaccine of the 1950s and later, MIGHT STILL BE FUELING THE AIDS PANDEMIC! Only a grossly-malfeasant blindly-biased sociopath would neglect this probability.”

Barack Obama is not the only one running for president that fulfills this criteria.