CCTV proves police lied: de Menezes behaved normally before being murdered

Aftermath News

The murder scene. Jean Charles de Menezes ‘ body in a puddle of blood after police pumped seven slugs into him.

The cops claimed Jean Charles de Menezes was wearing a bulky coat to hide a bomb. But they lied. He was wearing a light denim jacket. They said he was running away, jumping turnstiles. But they lied. He walked nonchalantly like everyone else, completely unsuspecting that he was about to be murdered by a bloodthirsty gang of Israeli-trained London cops, who lie, lie and lie some more. The entire operation was a lie from it’s inception, through its execution and into its continuing subsequent whitewashing and coverup.

They could have easily detained him outside the station, which is the logical thing to do with a “suicide bomber” to prevent catastrophe, but the “controllers” purposely stalled to allow their prey to end up down in the tube where he could be properly dispatched out of the light of day. They say it was a “botched operation”, but the way these thugs operate, I doubt there was any mistake made on the part of the controllers. It was just another deception. They meant to have him killed to make an example out of him. In other words, “We have the power of life over death. We decide when you live and when you die. We are the new overlords. And best of all, we’re untouchable! hahahahaha!”

9/11 is a proven lie, another Hollywood production for an ignorant dumbed-down public. So was 7/7, yet another false-flag operation, with simultaneous drills in exactly the same three stations, designed to get people to surrender their liberties for “security” from the loving Big Brother global fascist state.

So, will you believe what they say now about Mr de Menezes? They are still lying you know, and won’t stop lying about this crime probably for the rest of their lives. And for their loyalty and devotion to the job, they will get their medals of dishonor, their elevation in the masonic lodge and maybe even knighthoods. Mmm, wouldn’t that be nice?

And since these disgusting lying cops are now the new gods, whose boots must now be licked with complete subservience, they will maintain immunity from prosecution just as murdering troops, commanders and mercenaries in Iraq keep getting off virtually scott-free for gunning down entire families in their homes, on the sidewalks and in their cars. British police now have shoot-to-kill powers of anyone suspected of being a terrorist and de Menezes will not be the last to die like this. How would you like it if this happened to your dear sweet son, or your loving brother? No matter who you are, you must see the total absurdity, criminal brutality and injustice of this heinous event and you must speak out against it. If not, then don’t cry when they kill or maim your own loved ones.

This type of garbage will just go on and on, getting worse and worse unless people wake up and realize that all of their freedoms are being stripped from them by a neofeudal elite, unrestrained by traditional values like life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Stop them now, before we are all microchipped, because by then, it will be just about too late.