So, what actually is Waterboarding?

By J A Blacker MSc IMI,  Science Correspondent
RINF Alternative News

As any good terrorist state knows all too well, the art of torture is to extract information without actually killing the victim until they spill their guts.

Indeed, waterboarding has been deemed legal interrogation method by the BUSH CIA and US justice department, however the US military have such practices outlawed.

So, what actually is Waterboarding?

A brief history of waterboarding (controlled drowning & suffocation):

Waterboarding is a torture method – used by the Bush administration – which drowns victims in a controlled way.

The news media calls it “simulated” drowning, but it is in fact drowning that is, hopefully, interrupted before the victim dies. This is not always the case and some victims have died.

* It appears to have been invented during the Spanish Inquisition.

* The Khmer Rouge who killed 1.5 million people “improved” the method by covering the victims’ faces with towels of cellophane.

* After WWII, the US prosecuted Japanese soldiers for waterboarding US soldiers and actually court-martial a US soldier for waterboarding a Vietnamese prisoner during the Vietnam war.

And used against *suspected* terrorists by order of war criminal and unelected military governor of the USA – George W Bush.

Torture: The Bush Legacy

What does waterboarding look like?

Sorry. Video removed
by order of Fox News and YouTube.

This is one of the “interrogation” methods favored by the Bush administration for use on *suspected* terrorists.Note the word “suspected.”

It’s possible for a person who is entirely innocent and has no information whatsoever to be subjected to this form of torture.

People can and do die in the course of waterboarding. The practice is essentially to bring the victim to the edge of drowning, over and over again.

Bush and his henchmen pointedly continue to refuse to ban this practice explicitly.

Theoretically, thanks to George Bush “the Decider”, anyone, anywhere, any time, who is suspected of having information related to “terrorism” can be snatched off the street and tortured in this way.

This perhaps more than his lying the US into an illegal, immoral and pointless war and ruining the US economy (a work in progress) may be his ultimate legacy.

Indeed, as you can see from the above link, we were going to show you a video of a volunteer journalist who gave permission to be waterboarded, however, the powers that be have pulled the video due to its rather unpleasant and graphic nature of the torture process.

And yes, in the Good old USA its all perfectly legal to Waterboard any suspected person, either a US citizen or foreign suspect, without charge, caution or legal representation – so long as you ship them to a far off place outside the jurisdiction of other US law, and law enforcement (KIDNAP).

So, why if Waterboarding is not torture, as BUSH and his CIA henchmen claim, does the CIA ship people off US soil prior to them operating what is a BUSH legal interrogation method?

The answer is simple folks: BUSH and his henchmen are international war criminals, who are operating outside of US & International law.

This evidence alone proves the case for justifiable Impeachment of BUSH and his entire corrupt administration, or should we more appropriately describe – Unelected Fascist type Regime!