What The Dulles Brothers Did To America; Or How We Learned To Live In An Oligarchy

I don’t often recommend others’ books, seeing as how I am trying to sell my own right now. But I have to make an exception for Stephen Kinzer’s excellent work, “The Brothers: John Foster Dulles, Allen Dulles, And Their Secret World War.” It is a must-read for all who are interested in genuine American history, not the crap we are taught in American classrooms. Kinzer has laid out in great detail how America, post- WWII, transitioned from a democracy (the one that elected FDR, rose out the Depression and squashed fascism) to a country ruled by a select few (the Dulles brothers and their corporate cronies) in secret. It is shameful that only now is the full truth being exposed, but if you were able to interpret the last 50 years through a discerning lens you probably already suspected that life in America was being controlled by a cabal comprised of its wealthiest and most powerful. Wars, assassinations, attacks, coups, economic calamity, and election fraud have all been arranged for their benefit. This cabal consolidated its power under Dwight Eisenhower in the early ’50s when Allen Dulles took over as CIA Director and John Foster Dulles as Secretary of State. Almost immediately leftist foreign governments met their demise and capitalist enterprises reaped windfall profits.

Having seen firsthand the devastation of a global war, Ike was happy to fight another kind of war in the 1950s. A virtually bloodless war staged by spies manipulating events in covert ways. In essence he turned the country over to the Dulles brothers; in return all they had to do was promise that there would be no six million dead in concentration camps, no American GIs committed to foreign soil, no atom bombs dropped here or overseas. Allen and Foster obliged, and they ascended to the throne. With their power they staged coups in Iran, Guatemala, the Congo, and anywhere their clients’ interests were at stake. Who were their clients? The 1% who owned everything—-Dow, the Rockefellers, United Fruit, the duPonts—-and who relied on their legal advisors (Sullivan & Cromwell) and their bankers (Brown Brothers Harriman) to handle their money here and abroad. As shareholders, the Dulles brothers got their cut, of course, and the rest is the history no one knows. For the Dulles brothers were interested only in that part of America that benefitted them, not the rest of us. The rest of us wanted democracy; the Dulleses were invested in oligarchy. The system survives today; their legacy lives on. One percent of Americans feast at the table and the rest of us fight for the crumbs they spill. They’ve owned presidents, politicians, defense contractors, and judges. They’ve rigged the game to their own ends. They’ve starved us, lied to us, and killed us. And used the power of the CIA (Corporations Invisible Army) to do it. All for profit. That’s the Dulles brothers’ America. One president, and only one, challenged them. And see what happened to him in Dallas.