Revealed: Almost 3 Million Faces Stored On Met Police Database


(RINF) – As the result of a Freedom of Information request it has emerged that the London Met Police are compiling a database of almost 3 million people. To put this into perspective, there are currently 8 million people living in the capital.

The database, a bespoke system call the “Facial Recognition System (FRS)” began gathering images in 2009. The Met also acknowledges that they have never conducted a privacy impact assessment on the system.

It even stores pictures of those who have not been charged or found guilty of a crime, and they state:

“All custody images are kept indefinitely unless they are removed under the Early Deletion process.”

This follows on from the revelation in early 2015 that police had secretly built a massive national database that contains the faces of over 18 million people, without the approval of the Home Office or independent watchdogs.

  • usurykills

    I heard a long time ago that the entire world is being modeled, down to the last person. I would imagine the “civilized world” would be pretty simple.

    Imagine the data available about YOU. Governments demand it all under the pretense of stopping acts of terrorism they are actually incapable of stopping.

    Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) once called his trusting users, “Dumb f*#ks.”

    That is an apt description of anyone who has faith in governments. or government operations (like FB, Google, PayPal, etc.) Taxpayers are little more than marks or rubes. Government is a confidence game. There are people behind the scams.

  • Ger

    It probably has something to do with the concentration camps they are building for us,you would have to be mentally backward to trust the police and politicians,this country is held down by the minority tribe that runs it,lurking in the shadows like some kind of creeping cancer.

  • Ger


  • russputin

    The UK-state-mafia need to keep tabs on as many people as they can.