More Reckless Russia Bashing

More Reckless Russia Bashing
by Stephen Lendman
It ebbs, flows but never entirely ceases. Russia remains US public enemy number one – to serve its imperial interests threatening world peace.
Bogus accusations persist – reckless and irresponsible. The New York Times is America’s lead corporate instrument of state propaganda.
On April 22, it headlined “Putin Bolsters His Forces Near Ukraine, US Says.”
Throughout Obama’s proxy war on Donbass, Putin was repeatedly accused of nonexistent Russian aggression.
Big Lies never stop. According to The Times citing US sources, “Russia has continued to deploy air defense systems in eastern Ukraine and has built up its forces near the border…”
“Western officials are not sure if the military moves are preparations for a new Russian-backed offensive that would be intended to help the separatists seize additional territory.”
“(T)he new military activity is a major concern because it has significantly reduced the amount of warning that Ukraine and its Western supporters would have if Russian forces and separatists mounted a joint offensive.” 
“And some of Russia’s actions, American officials say, are flagrant violations of the cease-fire agreement that European nations negotiated with Russia and Ukraine in February.”
Fact: False on all counts. The Times knows it. Irresponsible reporting persists anyway.
Fact: At the same time, Russia has every right to station its military forces anywhere inside its borders.
Fact: Doing so threatens no one.
Fact: America belligerently deploys its military might worldwide – provocatively close to Russia’s borders.
Fact: Hundreds of US combat troops are working jointly with Ukraine’s Nazi-infested National Guard – readying it for renewed aggression against Donbass, perhaps intending to participate this time along with US terror-bombing.
Fact: Throughout over a year of conflict in Ukraine, Russia  worked harder to end it diplomatically than any other country.
Fact: Washington and rogue allies perpetuate conflict – going all-out to prevent peace and stability.
Fact: The whole world knows no anti-Ukrainian Russian aggression occurred earlier or is planned now.
Fact: Claims otherwise are Big Lies. Not a shred of credible evidence supports them. None exists.
Fact: Kiev agreed to three peace initiatives to end its war on Donbass – Minsk II the latest in mid-February.
Fact: Each time, flagrant violations occurred straightaway. They continue multiple times daily. 
Fact: Donbass forces respond only in self-defense – with no Russian involvement at any time.
Fact: Moscow seized no Ukrainian territory – or has designs on any.
Fact: Crimeans near unanimously voted by open, free and fair referendum to rejoin Russia – to correct a historic mistake. Putin accommodated them responsibly.
According to The Times, “the Russian military has been providing extensive training for separatists in eastern Ukraine.”
Fact: Russia’s only involvement in Ukrainian crisis conditions is its all-out efforts to resolve them peacefully.
Fact: Its military or other personnel have no involvement in the conflict. Claims otherwise are 
Big Lies.
Fact: America is totally involved in continuing war – its planning, implementation and arming Ukraine with heavy weapons, along with training its combat forces for renewed aggression.
State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf is paid to lie for her government.
“Combined Russian-separatist forces maintain a sizable number of artillery pieces and multiple rocket launchers within areas prohibited under the Minsk accords,” she blustered. 
“Russia has continued to ship heavy weapons into eastern Ukraine.”
Fact: False on all counts. Harf’s comments contradict reality. 
At the same time, she turns a blind eye to flagrant Kiev Minsk violations. Washington considers naked aggression self-defense – its own and when committed by allies.
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