Hobby Lobby Profits From Products Related To Contraception And Abortion

Yes, you read that headline correctly. This is not a sick, ironic joke. Hobby Lobby’s right-wing, Christian nutjob owners–the Greens–made a small fortune from investing in the very things they publicly denounce. They went all they way to the Supreme Court to avoid providing adequate contraceptive coverage for their employees, yet privately they profit from contraceptive investments. It confirms what I’ve always believed: the right wing is oblivious to its own hypocrisy. They have no real values except those of self-interest and profit. All the Jesus talk and the Bible thumping is nothing but self-preservation. Caring for others, which is what the Bible really teaches, has nothing to do with a right-winger’s faith. They see God as the ultimate CEO, whom they must please in order to move into the big mansion in the sky. Caring for the well-being of others and living moral, selfless existences have nothing to do with their religious aspirations.

I quote from Rick Ungar’s article in Forbes on-line (of all publications!): “In what just may be the most stunning example of hypocrisy in my lifetime, Mother Jones has uncovered numerous investments on the part of Hobby Lobby’s retirement fund in a wide variety of companies producing abortion and contraception related products. Hobby Lobby is currently seeking relief from certain contraception benefit requirements of Obamacare in a United States Supreme Court case that promises to be a landmark decision on the rights of corporations and the extension of personal religious protections to corporate entities. In the case of the Hobby Lobby corporation, the company is closely held by the Green family who purport to have strong religious objections to certain types of contraceptive devices and are suing to protect those religious rights. Remarkably, the contraceptive devices and products that so offend the religious beliefs of this family are manufactured by the very companies in which Hobby Lobby holds a substantial stake via their employee 401(k) plan. As I suspect many readers will find this as hard to believe and digest as I, the data can be confirmed by reviewing the company’s 2012 Annual Report of Employee Benefit Plan as filed with the Department of Labor.”

The Greens represent all that is obscene and despicable about America. Corrupt and soulless rich white people, full of phony piety which shelters a covert hatred (simmering just below the scrubbed veneer) of all diversity and broad tolerance, they want it all for themselves. “Greed is good” is their guiding principle; American capitalism is their real religion. They buy politicians who appoint corporate-friendly judges. This is the American way. The Greens–white-bread, superficial, hypocritical, and callous–are as American as a rotten apple pie.